How China Does Social Networking

by / Wednesday, 04 January 2012 / Published in Blog, global, social media, sourcing, statistics

How are people in China using Social Media?

Mashable published a great article recently, leveraging this G+ infographic (click here, or on the image itself, to enlarge), which highlights how people in China are using Social Media.  500 million Chinese people are online, and one quarter of the world’s social network users are Chinese.

We did a project for a client recently (hiring manager sourcing training for people in Asia, EMEA, and US), and learned about many of their “copycat platforms” (alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, which are all blocked in China by their government).

So, what’s so different? Here’s a few highlights:

  • Internet users spend MORE TIME ONLINE than people in the US (2.7 hours/day vs 2.3 in the US)
  • 95% of Chinese citizens say brands that microblog are more trustworthy
  • 87% of Chinese use instant messaging (38% in US), while only 53% use email regularly (91% in US)

This has big implications for recruiting in China, and from China.  Are you using social media/networks to recruit outside the US, in China specifically?  What have you learned?  Please share.