The team at Recruiting Toolbox helps companies fully leverage their Avature investment. We help develop the business case for a CRM, help you to build right sourcing strategies and CRM workflows to fully leverage this big investment, build content for leads and candidates, help you drive user adoption, and create custom training and guides so that your recruiters and sourcers know how to make the CRM work for them.

“I bought Avature, and I need pre-implementation support from someone who gets the challenges of leading a corporate recruiting team.”

“I’ve already gone live with Avature, and need post-implementation support to help maximize my huge investment. Sourcing and campaign/portal strategies, content, process, user adoption, and training.”

Why Hire Recruiting Toolbox to Help?

Our team has the experience needed to help you fully leverage your big investment in Avature. It takes more than just a good technical implementation and a technical consultant. You need to ensure you have a partner to help you customize your strategies and processes, leverage the best practices for deployment, create great content, and drive user adoption.

Share your goals with us, and we'll see if we can help.

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We get that cookie-cutter solutions won't work in your culture and recruitment model.


We're former corporate recruiting leaders who have lived through good and bad implementations.


We work and connect with leading companies, and serve as judges for recruiting excellence awards.


Avature is powerful, but you need great marketing content to fully realize its potential.


We work quickly and efficiently to get you what you need, when you need it.


We know how to engage stakeholders, sell your goals and process, and drive user adoption.


Our Consultants have been featured speakers at Avature User Conferences.

Download Matt Grove's 2014 Avature User Conference presentation slide deck, "Start with Why: Rethinking User Adoption and Change Management"

  • Technology Assessment - We assess your current technology landscape, and assist with developing budgets and timelines that are aggressive and realistic.
  • Business case development and delivery - We help you build your ROI story and set expectations with your leadership.
  • Planning - We help teams prepare for the addition of CRM technology and plan the change management that will be required to drive user adoption after implementation.
  • Partnership - We partner closely with you before the implementation to create a holistic custom CRM strategy that works for you and your company from Day One.
  • Customized - We partner with clients who handle parts of the project internally, while others have us manage all parts of the project directly with Avature, depending on their internal resources and expertise. Our process is customized to your needs every step of the way, from initial planning to communications to training.

  • Strategy and Process Review – We audit your current recruiting strategy and process and define any enhancements needed for success with Avature.
  • Forecasting and Decision Making - Many scenarios need to be forecast and decisions made upfront that determine your success with Avature in the future. These decisions play a large role in whether or not you have usable data down the road.
  • Expectation setting - We help you build your ROI story and set expectations with your leadership as well as with key users.

  • Workflows, Reports, and Productivity - We help you forecast your reporting needs, configure your workflows, organize your data, and help you utilize Avature features like tags and lists to drive results.
  • Project Management – Avature is an amazingly configurable platform. But with so many options, many clients feel overwhelmed. We help navigate the options available, align those options to your recruiting process, and help you set priorities that fit your business needs.

  • Communication Strategy - We help you build a communication strategy that you can use in Avature to optimize your communications with candidates.
  • Customized Content and Templates - We build email and other messaging templates for you to make communication, outreach and engagement to your target audiences simple and efficient.

We know that adding Avature as your CRM solution is not just about great technology. It requires a change to your recruiting strategy, a change to your recruiting processes, and a change in recruiter mindset.

  • Preparation and Planning - We help teams prepare for the addition of CRM technology and plan the change management that will be required to drive user adoption after implementation.
  • Drive Commitment - We know that no technology will help a business succeed unless users see it as a critical part of their daily work plan. We help clients develop an approach that gets users excited about the technology and drives commitment to its use.
  • Messaging to Leadership - We develop a full messaging strategy for you to use with your leaders and key stakeholders.

  • Custom Workshops - We design and deliver custom interactive training workshops to maximize your team’s productivity and confidence with Avature.
  • Custom User Guides - We develop customized user guides for your team, documenting your process and workflow to help your organization succeed as they begin using Avature.
  • Ongoing Expert Advice – We know that the work environment changes quickly and you need to have experts you can call for advice on the fly. We can provide this support and help you ensure that you always have an expert on your side who can help you make choices that fit your technology, your process, and your strategy.

"The team at Recruiting Toolbox understands how to get the most out of an Avature investment — from developing the strategies to transform a recruiting team into marketing and sourcing experts, to the workflows and handoffs needed to ensure recruiters are productive users, to training up the recruiting team."
— Mike Owcarz, Regional Sales Manager, Avature