Professional reference check processes are – generally – flawed. Why? First, we let candidates control who we talk to…and it’s rare for a candidate to volunteer someone who’s not going to rave about them. Second – and related to the first reason – is that references rarely change the outcome of our hiring decisions. When

I was just sharing this experience in a recruiter/sourcing training session I was doing for a health care client this past week. I’m working in my home office one night, around 9:30pm. And the phone rings on my business line. I pick it up, and I get a surprised, “Hello…John?” (He clearly wasn’t expecting me


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I enjoy writing, have some stuff published in a couple books on staffing best practices, and enjoyed some success with some popular recruiting white papers and recruiting newsletters I used to write, so thought – what the heck, let’s try on this blog-thing, and see if it fits. So, my plan is to write about