Want to be a better Talent Advisor? Want to get out from under the crushing, overwhelming feeling of being unable to please every Hiring Manager you work with? Who is your customer? If you’re a corporate recruiter, you’d probably say the hiring manager, or maybe the candidate. But, I want to challenge us to think

Intake form. It’s a term I’m embarrassed to say I used for many years. You know, the form you take into a hiring manager meeting, to scope out a new req? There are so many things wrong with “intake form.” First, calling it a form. Who likes forms? I know hiring managers hate ‘em. And

Leveraging Hiring Managers as Your Secret Weapon Did you know that your hiring manager can be your secret weapon for attracting and converting the best talent? Join us for this 1 hour webcast to learn 10 actionable strategies that you can take back to the office to leverage your hiring managers more effectively. John Vlastelica, founder

Hello Recruiting and HR Friends. Matt Alder with MetaShift in the UK interviewed John Vlastelica, Founder of Recruiting Toolbox, a few weeks ago about the topic he’s most passionate about: How to engage hiring managers in the recruitment process. John’s been preaching on this topic since his first conference presentation 15 years ago. It’s about

John Vlastelica shared his thoughts on engaging hiring managers on the LinkedIn Talent Talent Blog As a corporate recruiting leader (Amazon, Expedia) turned consultant and trainer, I’ve listened to thousands of recruiters and hiring managers across the globe share what works and what doesn’t when going after top talent. Sure, a lot of it

This interview/article originally appeared on, by Cheryl Morgan As managing director of Recruiting Toolbox, John Vlastelica is an expert in streamlining and refining recruiting processes and changing them to fit how the best candidates look for the best jobs. He spoke with us about how to use social media to its maximum effect for your

Hiring Managers are the Secret Sauce…and we can help OK, I don’t want this to seem like an ad for training your hiring managers.  But I do want to get the word out – our new interview training site,, just went live.  Many of you who know us probably know that we’re big proponents

Date: October 17, 2013 – panel, 11:30am PT Location: Las Vegas MGM Session: Hiring Managers as Your Secret Weapon John Vlastelica Founder & Managing Director at Recruiting Toolbox, Inc. Many recruiting leaders know that hiring managers are the key to recruitment success, but getting hiring managers to be the talent leaders we need them to be isn’t

If you can’t see the video, click here Recruiter, Fill my Req by New Year’s! to watch it on YouTube Happy Holidays! p.s. We made this little video a few years ago, but it still rings true for many of us!  🙂

Date: April 30-May 2, 2012 Location: Washington DC Session: How to Leverage Hiring Managers as Your Secret Recruiting Weapon with John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox I’m excited to return to the SHRM Annual Talent Management Conference to deliver a session on a topic that – in my opinion – doesn’t get enough of a

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