Intake form. It’s a term I’m embarrassed to say I used for many years. You know, the form you take into a hiring manager meeting, to scope out a new req? There are so many things wrong with “intake form.” First, calling it a form. Who likes forms? I know hiring managers hate ‘em. And

Looking for free tools and information to help you recruit top tech talent? Introducing The Recruiting Toolbox Tech Resource Page We’re now offering a resource page to help recruiting and HR teams access free tips, white papers, resources, books, articles, and information (plus a few tools you can buy) to help you recruit world class

Free webinar: September 10

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Hello Friends and Colleagues.  John Vlastelica here. I’m leading a fun webinar, How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes Corporate Recruiters Make, on September 10, 2014 at 11am PT, 2pm ET. LinkedIn is hosting it.  You can register here at LinkedIn.  Details below.  And you can check out the rest of our Fall speaking schedule

Part conference, part training, all awesome.  Chuck Norris awesome. Looking for ways to attract and recruit world class tech talent? Want to get your tech recruiters and managers exposed to part-conference, part-training, where they actually take back how-to recruiting tactics that work in the real world? 96% of attendees last year said Talent42 was “great”

By Ben Gotkin Many blog posts and articles have been written over the years about the “Future of Recruiting”, and those articles typically focus on technology.  This is not one of those articles.  This is about the future of our profession. Almost 20 years ago, I graduated from college and started my Recruiting career.  Looking

If you can’t see the video, click here Recruiter, Fill my Req by New Year’s! to watch it on YouTube Happy Holidays! p.s. We made this little video a few years ago, but it still rings true for many of us!  🙂

Date: November 7, 21012, 11am PT/2pm ET Location: Mars 🙂 Session: How to Interview and Hire Great Corporate Recruiters with John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox Are you an HR or Recruiting Manager looking to hire a corporate recruiter? Are you a corporate recruiter looking for insights to help you nail that interview for a better

Date: Wednesday, May 9, 2012Time: 11am-Noon PT Location: Webinar Session: How To Avoid The 10 Biggest Mistakes Corporate Recruiters Make with John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox Session Overview and Registration: Link to ERE site As a consultant and trainer to corporate recruiting teams, John Vlastelica gets to see what many of the best recruiters

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Recruiters: Do you suck? (No!)

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The Challenges of Benchmarking Yesterday, over on the ERE recruiting website, I posted an article on the challenges of comparing your recruiting performance across industries, companies, teams, and individual recruiters.  Your resource model, your budget, your employer brand, how much you pay – all of these things make it hard to benchmark externally. Unfortunately, too

Here’s a fun little video we put together for this time of the year. Gotta love our hiring managers! Link to Video on YouTube: Recruiter, Fill My Req!