Recruiter’s Toolkit

We help companies improve the productivity of their sourcers, recruiters, and recruiting coordinators by building customized online recruiting toolkits loaded with policies, processes, how-to best practices, tools, and templates that help your recruiting team hire the best talent.

Why might I need a toolkit?

If you’re like most recruiting leaders, you long for the day when the most current versions of all of the tools, templates, checklists, system access info, tool passwords, and process information is housed in one spot, instead of spread across many recruiter’s hard drives or mixed together – old and new versions – on a shared drive. Improve sourcer, recruiter and coordinator productivity (and make on-boarding new recruiting team members a whole lot easier!) by putting all of your latest content – plus best practice tools and templates that we build for you – in one place.

Customized – Practical – Easy to Use – Easy to Keep Up to Date

Typical Recruiter’s Toolkits are loaded with your content plus new, best-practice tools, templates, and how-to information we create for you. Click on the image to the left to see a sample of content focus areas that may be included in your toolkit site.

Most toolkit sites include:

  • Custom, end-to-end process information and checklists, from new req opening to interview scheduling to background checking
  • Detailed ATS training documentation
  • Sample job ads and job board passwords
  • Your policy and guideline details for everything from relocation packages to employee referral eligibility to internal transfer rules
  • Hiring Manager communication email templates
  • Best-practice templates, checklists, and how-to information to help recruiters source, screen, schedule, select, offer, reference check, sell, and on-board new hires
  • Central recruiting calendar

If you’re a start-up company, with limited to no HR/recruiting department, we can also create your first policies, processes, and recruiting practices, and provide you with a fully loaded Recruiting Toolkit that can serve as a foundation for your planned growth.