Interviewing and Selection models companies use to set and maintain a high hiring bar

Download John Vlastelica’s slides from his 2017 ERE Conference Keynote Presentation on Raising the Bar. His session laid out the pros and cons of leveraging programs like bar raisers (Amazon, Uber, Groupon), hiring committees (Google, Yahoo!), and pipeline interviewing (Facebook, Booking, and most campus recruiting programs) models. Complete the form below to access a PDF of his slides. Connect with John Vlastelica on LinkedIn:

Watch the video interview of John, just after delivering his keynote, describing the challenge of maintaining a high hiring bar at scale.


Learn more about the work we do with companies to define their hiring bar, align teams on what good looks like and hiring principles, improve conversion and candidate experience, and train smart interviewers and hiring managers in a methodology to help them interviewing, select, and sell world class talent. Clients have included startups to big brands like PepsiCo, Starbucks, Target, Amazon, Yahoo!, Booking, Pokemon, and TripAdvisor.


  • Recruiting Toolbox has been hired by leading organizations to help them recruit top talent better. Our consulting and training engagements – often focused on both recruiters and hiring managers – have been leveraged by companies like Nestle, Groupon, Amazon, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, Dolby, Hitachi, TGI Fridays, Target, Philips, and many startups.
  • Recruiting Toolbox offers corporate recruiting managers and directors the opportunity to join 20 of their peers for our Recruiting leadership Lab. This 2-day workshop focuses on building capabilities around recruiting strategy, executive influence, driving change, creating recruiting teams that are talent advisors, and making business cases that get you the funding you need. Recruiting leaders from companies like Visa, Target, Nike, Yahoo!, Facebook, Blue Cross, TripAdvisor, Microsoft,, and REI rave about this unique workshops. Learn more at


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