ERE Webinar September 2015: How to give Hiring Managers what they want most: SPEED!

Download John Vlastelica’s webinar content from his How to give Hiring Managers what they want most: SPEED! September 2015 session. Be sure to connect with John on Linkedin ( and twitter (@vlastelica), and check out our free downloads for recruiters (White Papers Best Practices).

How to give Hiring Managers what they want most: SPEED!
John Vlastelica, Managing Director with Training and Consulting firm,, has led focus group conversations with hiring managers across the globe, and trained thousands of recruiters and hiring managers in talent advising, sourcing, interviewing, and/or selling. What do hiring managers ask for most often? SPEED! Delivering speed is key to success, but not all hiring managers are created equal. Some hiring managers are unrealistic, some are uneducated, some are passive aggressive nightmares (smile), and some are amazing partners. In this fun, how-to webinar, John will share specific tactics for diagnosing WHY reqs stay open too long, what role the hiring manager can and should play in time to fill improvement, and how we – as recruiters – can speed the whole process up. John will draw upon his experiences as a corporate recruiting director with Amazon and Expedia, as well as his experience building hiring manager training programs and processes for companies as diverse as Target, Yahoo!, TripAdvisor, Dolby, Groupon, and PepsiCo.

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