Free Webinar: “The Keys to Leading a Big Hiring Ramp Up”

John Vlastelica, Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox
Recorded 2017 with LinkedIn

The Keys to Leading a Big Hiring Ramp-Up
Picture this. You’re a corporate recruiting leader. The business comes to you with a request to ramp up a sales or tech team, quickly. Or, maybe you recruit in a startup, and that next round of funding just came through – time to hire! In either caee, we’re talking 50-100 hires, asap. This requires leadership and planning. So, what are the key things you need to do to ensure you and your recruiting team deliver speed and quality to the business? Join John Vlastelica, Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, a training and consulting firm that partners with heads of talent on process and training projects, as he shares the 10 areas where you need to invest time – upfront – before you open all of those reqs and turn into sourcing machines. These 10 strategies – which are all lessons learned the hard way from big ramp up projects – will ultimately save you time and heartache, while positioning you as a true recruiting leader with your business and your recruiting team. Over 3,500 recruiters and recruiting leaders registered to hear what John would share. Get access to his Mar 2017 recorded webinar below.

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