Public Recruiting Leadership Workshops

Recruiting Leadership Labs are 100% focused
on helping corporate recruiting managers
lead more effectively.

These workshops are not focused on how-to source, interview, and close candidates.  Instead, they focus on real-world best practices that help you win as a recruiting LEADER.  We focus on how to build and deploy sourcing and interviewing strategies, drive adoption of processes, coach your recruiters to become strong talent advisors, prioritize, make business cases, create a culture of recruiting, influence executives, and leverage metrics.  And this is not a death-by-PowerPoint presentation or conference.  This is a hands-on, scenario-based workshop focused on small group problem solving, peer-to-peer sharing, and hands-on work.  All with a singular goal – to help you elevate your role and deliver more value to your business and your recruiting team.

John Vlastelica, Instructor & Facilitator
We've received over 100 5/5 ratings from the 50+ companies who have sent their recruiting managers to our Recruiting Leadership Labs in the US and Europe over the past 5 years.

Choose one of our 2-Day Scenario Based Workshops

Our Core 1 and Core 2 programs are hands-on, scenario-based workshops for any kind of corporate recruiting manager. The format includes heavy discussion, small group work, instructor led best practice sharing, with tools and templates for you take back to work. We recommend you participate in at least one of these workshops before attending a Deep Dive workshop. These workshops are designed for recruiting managers who directly manage sourcers, recruiters, and/or campus recruiters. Core 1 Core 2

Choose our 1-1/2 Day Deep Dive

These are intensive, 1-1/2 day, hands-on workshops for corporate recruiting managers who recruit for technology talent only. We take one topic, and go deep. You will share with peers, and build out your own strategies during the workshop. No PowerPoint driven presentations. Deep Dive


2-day, hands-on, scenario-based workshop

What will you learn?

  • How to Build and Communicate a Recruiting Strategy to the Business
  • How to Build and Present a Quality Business Case to Justify Recruiter Headcount and Tool Investments
  • How to Prioritize Competing Goals
  • How to Engage and Drive Hiring Manager Adoption of New Processes
  • How to Coach and Lead Recruiters to be Talent Advisors

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2-day, hands-on, scenario-based workshop

What will you learn?

  • How to Create a Culture of Recruiting with your Business
  • How to Diagnose, Coach, Manage and Measure Recruiters and Sourcers to Drive Performance Improvements
  • How to Use Metrics to Engage and Influence
  • How to Scale and Leverage Best Practice Pipelining and Interviewing Processes to get Speed and Quality

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1-1/2 day, hands-on, focused learning and building for tech recruiting managers only

What will you share, learn and build?

This is different from Core 1 and Core 2 programs. This is not a PowerPoint driven workshop. It's a peer-to-peer sharing and prototyping workshop focused on 1 topic (not 4-5) over the course of 1.5 days.
You will do group work, you will build your strategy/program/process during the workshop, you will critique each other's work, and you will walk away with a quality output you can put into practice.

Topics are selected in advance, and all are focused exclusively on tech (software engineering) recruiting.

Next Topic: Tech Sourcing Strategies

  • What does a quality tech sourcing strategy look like?
  • How do you get tech hiring managers engaged in sourcing?
  • What are the best practice programs you need in place (i.e. employee referrals) to scale your strategy?

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Looking for a custom Recruiting Leadership Lab for your Entire Recruiting Team?

We build custom, onsite Recruiting Leadership workshops for large recruiting teams. Clients for custom labs include Nike, PNC Bank, Bloomberg, and AT&T.