Recruiting Leadership Workshop: Core 2

Join corporate recruiting managers and directors to learn and share best practices to help you create a culture of recruiting, manage and measure recruiters and sourcers, leverage recruitment metrics to influence, and build pipelines and interview strategies to help you scale.

  • 2018 Core 2 Workshops:
    • TBD, Seattle (Washington)

    We usually sell out several months in advance, so register early to get your spot. Participation is limited to 20 corporate recruitment managers per leadership lab (no more than 2 from the same company).

How much does it cost?

  • Tuition is $2,500/person plus fees for both days, including meals
  • There are no discounts or promotional codes available.
  • You must be a corporate recruiting manager or leader to register and attend. If you register and you are a vendor or supplier to recruitment, you will be issued a refund, as this event is for corporate, in-house recruitment leaders only.

How do I register?

You register and pay online through Eventbrite, a secure event registration service, with either a Visa, Mastercard, or Amex card.

If the event shows as sold out, please add your name to the waitlist by using the "Add Me to the Waitlist" button (and occasionally, we’re able to squeeze one more person in). Email for more info.

What is the Recruiting Leadership Lab - Core 2?


  • A 2-day public workshop focused on corporate recruiting leadership and strategy.
  • Built for high-potential corporate (in-house) recruiting managers and directors who lead recruiters (must manage corporate recruiters to attend) and want to improve their executive influence, strategic thinking, team leadership, and problem solving skills in a hands-on, scenario based workshop environment. Note: This is not your typical PowerPoint-style training. Get ready to work through real-world scenarios, alongside peers, over both days.
  • Credibly led by John Vlastelica, a former recruiting director with and Expedia, who now, through Recruiting Toolbox, provides strategic consulting and training services to recruiting leaders from companies like Adidas, Bloomberg, ESPN, Groupon, World Bank, Yahoo!, PepsiCo, Target, Google, TripAdvisor, Zurich, Starbucks, and

Competencies and Development Focus Areas

This is not training that focuses on how to recruit. Instead, it’s focused on helping you lead your part of the recruiting function and deliver for your business.

Executive Influence ■ Strategic Thinking ■ Team Leadership ■ Change Management ■ Recruiting Strategy ■ Analytical Thinking ■ Business Acumen ■ Communication ■ Problem Solving ■ Organizational Savvy

What do Recruiting Leader Attendees Say about our Core 1 Workshop?

  • 93% of the 100+ corporate recruiting managers who have attended these small group Labs over the past 5 years rated the workshop a 5 out 5 ("Excellent"), noting the effectiveness of the instructor, the applicability and effectiveness of the content and tools shared, and the overall program quality.
  • 98% said they'd recommend it to their peers.
  • 100% said they enjoyed expanding their network in an environment where they got to work side by side, in real world scenarios, with colleagues from other industries and geographies.
  • A Talent Acquisition Manager from Nike said "Amazing 2-day learning experience. I put my learning to use before I even made it back to the office.”
  • A Sr Manager, Recruiting from Yahoo! said "It's the best workshop I have ever taken for my own career development."

What will you learn? Best Practices for the Real World

This is not some academic workshop focused on the importance of leading or recruiting trends; it’s all about the “how to.”

  • How to Create a Culture of Recruiting with your Business
  • How to Diagnose, Coach, Manage and Measure Recruiters and Sourcers to Drive Performance Improvements
  • How to Engage and Influence with Metrics
  • How to Scale and Leverage Best Practice Pipelining and Interviewing Processes to get Speed and Quality

Who Should Attend?

  • Corporate Recruiting Managers and Directors (only) who lead recruiters and are responsible for recruiting strategy for some or all of their organization.
  • Past attendees have included recruiting leaders from companies in technology, financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and more, including eBay, Nike, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, GoDaddy, PNC Bank, TripAdvisor, KinderCare, Netflix, IKEA, Starbucks, Groupon, Premera Blue Cross, Edward Jones, Visa, KPMG, Square, Booking, Nestle, Target, Redbox, REI, PepsiCo, Deloitte, KLA Tencor, and Concur. Leaders have typically led small (3 person+) to large (20 person+) corporate recruiting teams.

  • Sorry, no vendors or partners to corporate recruiting teams (RPO, services, contingent or third-party recruiters, consultants) allowed. You must manage corporate recruiters to attend.
  • Maximum 20 attendees per workshop, and no more than 2 recruiting leaders from the same company.

The workshop will be led by John Vlastelica. John was a recruiting director with and Expedia, and now, through Recruiting Toolbox, provides strategic consulting and training services to recruiting leaders from companies like Nike, Bloomberg, Groupon, World Bank, PepsiCo, Target, ESPN, Google,, Zurich, Starbucks, and

As an experienced practitioner, he brings the confidence and humility that comes from years of real-world recruiting leadership experiences – success and missteps – to ensure that these workshops aren’t loaded with theoretical, “looks good on paper” strategies. Instead, we build scenarios that reflect the most challenging aspects of leading a recruitment function today, and encourage all attendees to share their real-world approaches to solving these challenges.

Seattle, WA

  • TBD, 2018
  • Thursday: 8:00am-5:30pm + Dinner
  • Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm
  • Seattle, WA  Location TBD

Hotel Recommendations:

Email alicia [at] recruitingtoolbox [dot] com if you’d like options in the area.

Feedback from Participants in this Recruiting Leadership Lab: Core 2 workshop

"5/5! Huge learning experience.”

- Director of Talent Acquisition, Zonar Systems

"5/5! Very useful information. I'm able to use it in my role starting tomorrow."

- Recruiting Manager, Amazon

“Great job presenting the content, keeping it both fun and engaging by using real world examples. 5/5!.”

- Recruiting Manager, GoDaddy

“Awesome, inspiring, engaging, and super helpful. 5/5!”

- Recruiting Manager, Seattle Children’s Hospital

"Love the group exercises and discussions. 5/5!”

- Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, Financial Engines

“The ability to interact with other leaders from different industries was invaluable. Most programs are focused on what industry you work in which creates a very limited point of view. 5/5!”

- Recruiting Manager, Zillow Group

“This was the most practical training I have ever attended. 5/5!”

- Associate Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Path

“Great group, great conversation, and super useful. 5/5!”

- Director, People & Places, Anki

“Very engaging. The metrics and recruiting culture content will be really helpful to me when I return to my team.”

- Talent Acquisition, Northrop Grumman

Feedback from Participants in Past Recruiting Leadership Labs (Core 1)

“One of the most targeted and relevant trainings I’ve attended in my career….spot on, great value.”

- Staffing Manager, Microsoft

"Right on point, very practical, no fluff here. 5/5!”

- University Recruiting Manager, Pinterest

"It's the best workshop I have ever taken for my own career development."

- Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition, Yahoo!

"The lab provided a chance to learn best practices from other organisations/leaders as well as hear about mistakes and "what I'd do differently next time" stories. I immediately applied the knowledge I gained. By far the best seminar I’ve had the privilege to attend."

- Manager, US Recruitment, RBC Wealth Management

“I can honestly say I’ve used every single technique since the workshop in October.”

- Recruiting Director, The Freeman Company

“Awesome. This did not suck! I learned key strategies to immediately use in my job.”

- Manager, Technical Talent Acquisition, Workday

“Very useful and valuable. Overall, 5/5.”

- Recruiting Innovation Lead,

“Great energy and facilitation. 5/5! Every recruiting leader should be required to attend.”

- Director, Customer Care Talent Acquisition, GoDaddy

“Engaging, relevant, real-life examples, with practical, simple but powerful frameworks, tools and techniques for me to use on the job.”

- Director, Talent Acquisition, Nestle USA

“I was collaborating with and learning from my peers while being led by an industry expert. Quality of the attendees and workshop was top rate.”

- Sr. Director, Staffing and Mobility, Lam Research

“The materials were so very relevant. The stories were engaging. And the environment is open and welcoming, where everyone is encouraged to participate. Excellent! 5/5!”

- Associate Director of Recruiting, KPMG

“5/5! Very hands on, lots of examples, very useful tools and templates. I would recommend this to my peers.”

- Head, Talent Acquisition, Deloitte Switzerland

“Brilliant! 5/5!”

- Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition, Expedia Europe


Alumni for our US sessions include recruiting managers and directors from companies across industries, across North America, including eBay, Nike, Amazon, Target, Nestle, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, PNC Bank, KinderCare, KPMG, Netflix, OpenTable, IKEA, Starbucks, GoDaddy, Groupon, Premera Blue Cross, Visa, TripAdvisor, Square, Redbox, REI, and Concur. Seats sell out quickly, so please register early. For our next session, we expect a great mix of leaders from tech and non-tech companies.

Attendees tell us they appreciate our broad experiences as corporate recruiting leaders, as it makes the sessions (loaded with hands-on, scenario-based breakout sessions) much more real-world than other conferences or training sessions they’ve attended.

John Vlastelica has led large corporate recruiting teams as Sr Director, Global Recruiting for Expedia and a Recruiting Director with
Through Recruiting Toolbox, he’s consulted with all kinds of companies on recruiting strategy, process improvement, and recruiting team management. He’s also been a top-rated speaker at US and international conferences, a popular author on all thing recruitment, and a conference producer (Talent42 – The National Tech Recruiting Conference).

Titles matter less than roles. To get the most out of this, you should be in a role where you need to regularly build business cases to justify investments, create, communicate and gain buy-in for recruiting strategies from the business and your team, measure and drive recruiter productivity, and problem- solve difficult team and business-facing issues. Past attendees have included supervisors to directors, but all have been responsible for managing some or all of the recruiting function in their organization. You MUST directly manage corporate recruiters to attend.

Note: When we’ve had more senior leaders attend – people who manage other recruiting managers or directors – they tend to find exercises more suited for their direct reports. The sweet spot for this workshop is hands-on recruiting leaders, who are directly managing a team of recruiters and work directly with some or all of the business executives for their functional focus area.

Absolutely! We will give you a workbook loaded with content from the 2 days, and soft copy templates to help you succeed as a recruiting leader.

You’ll learn new skills, develop key competencies, grow confidence around your role as a leader, and expand your network of peers, who can share lessons learned during and after the session to help you succeed (you’ll be invited to a special Slack Channel/ networking group after the event to make it easy to share and stay connected with fellow Recruiting Leadership Lab alumni).

Core 1 and Core 2 have identical formats - scenario based work in small groups, with peer recruitment managers, led by John Vlastelica - but different focus areas. You do not need to attend Core 1 to attend Core 2, and Core 2 is not more advanced than Core 1. They simply have different topics.

Core 1 is focused on building a recruiting strategy, getting funding, driving adoption of new process, and helping your recruiters become talent advisors.

Core 2 is focused on creating a culture of recruiting (driving hiring manager ownership), coaching and measuring recruiters/sourcers, using metrics to influence and lead, and building pipelines and interviewing processes to scale.

We don’t cover that in this, our Core 2 program, but we do have content on those topics in our Core 1 program

Recruiting Leadership Lab: Core 1

While we believe strongly that vendors and suppliers (RPO, services firms, agencies, consultants, etc.) can be critical to the success of a corporate recruiting leader, this particular event is for 20 corporate recruiting managers/directors only. All of the content is built around an in-house, corporate recruiting leader's challenges, and all of the attendees - who want to grow their networks with corporate peers - expect the people sitting next to them to be in similar roles.

We have nothing against the vendors/suppliers/partners in our community; this just isn't the right event for them.

If you have questions about your eligibility to attend, please contact us.

If you cannot make the event, you may send another eligible person from your company (corporate recruiting manager+ level) to take your place at the same event. Just email us at least 5 days before the event, so that we can get them signed up.

Full credit card refunds are available if you cancel at least 45 days before the event. If you cancel 44-15 days before the event, you may receive a partial credit card refund (50%) or you may receive a full credit to be used against the next scheduled event. If you cancel 14-5 days before the event, Recruiting Toolbox will have already ordered your workshop materials and food, and will not have enough time to sell your seat to another person, so you will not be eligible for any credit card refund but you will receive a 50% credit to apply towards your tuition for the next event. If you cancel 4 days or less before the event, you will not be eligible for any credit card refund but you will receive a 25% credit to apply towards your tuition for the next event. Note: All credits for the next event must be used well before registration closes, as our events sell out well in advance, and if you wait to sign up for the next event, we cannot guarantee you a spot among the 20 person workshop. Therefore, to use your 25% or 50% credit, you must sign up for the next event within 30 days of your cancellation.

Sorry, we don’t. We’ve never had to discount this premium program - we sell out, at full price, and don’t offer any kind of discounts. People tell us it’s an excellent value, so I hope you can still join us.

Sure, to get onto our notification emails, please download a sample agenda here: Recruiting Leadership Lab Core 2 Overview - Seattle. That’ll put you into our system as someone who is interested in the Labs, and then - when a new lab is available - we’ll email you with details.

Recruiting Manager Alumni attend from leading companies around the world