Recruiting Leadership Workshop: Deep Dive

Recruiting Leadership Lab Deep Dives
are 100% focused on helping tech recruiting managers
implement real-world best practices.

Picture this.  You and 20 tech recruiting manager peers, focused on 1 topic for 1-1/2 days, where you work in small groups to work through real-world challenges, share and learn from each other’s experiences, and work hands-on to build something tangible – a new strategy, process, or program – that you can take back to implement with your hiring teams.  No PowerPoint driven presentations.  No skimming the surface.  We go deep.  And you share, learn, and build.


TBD: Tech Sourcing Strategies

Download: Recruiting Leadership Lab Deep Dive Overview - Seattle

Deep Dive into Tech Sourcing Strategies

  • Share tech sourcing challenges and successes with peer recruiting managers.
  • Build out the ultimate tech sourcing toolbox, with shared best practices around tools, systems, programs, processes, and sourcing teams.
  • Work in small groups to build the components of a quality sourcing strategy for a hiring ramp up.
  • Build your own tech sourcing strategy - laptop open, using a best practice template - to take back and use with your hiring teams
  • Solicit feedback for your strategies from peers, to help you build something that will survive scrutiny back in the office
What will you do? What will you get?
If you want to sit back, passively watching sourcing gurus run through slide decks, this is not the workshop for you. This is a peer-to-peer, expertly facilitated, hands-on workshop, where you will engage, critique, problem-solve, share, learn, and build.

  • Network, share, learn and benchmark with smart, vetted peers who are working to solve similar tech recruiting leadership challenges
  • A safe, lab environment where you can ask questions, prototype ideas, seek feedback, and learn
  • The opportunity to build real-world strategies, programs, and processes to take back to your tech hiring teams
  • Post-lab networking (Slack channel) access for ongoing learning from peers

            Next Lab: TBD

We usually sell out at least 1 month in advance, so register early to get your spot. Participation is limited to 20 corporate tech recruitment managers per lab.


How much does it cost?

  • Tuition is $1,500/person plus fees for 1-1/2 days, including meals
  • There are no discounts or promotional codes available.
  • You must be a corporate tech recruiting manager or leader to register and attend. If you register and you are a vendor or supplier to recruitment, you will be issued a refund, as this event is for corporate, in-house tech recruitment leaders only.

How do I register?

You register and pay online through Eventbrite, a secure event registration service, with either a Visa, Mastercard, or Amex card.

If the event shows as sold out, please add your name to the waitlist by using the "Add Me to the Waitlist" button (and occasionally, we’re able to squeeze one more person in). Email for more info.

What is the Recruiting Leadership Lab Deep Dive?






  • This is a 1-1/2 day session, where a group of smart tech recruiting and sourcing managers go deep into one topic.
  • We share best practices, work solo and in small groups to build prototype strategies and processes, talk about driving adoption and measuring the impact of our work, and critique and praise each other’s work to make us all smarter, better leaders. Each person walks away with actionable, ready-to-implement strategies, programs, and processes. This is not a sit-back, watch PowerPoint conference.

Next Session Focus: Tech Sourcing Strategies

  • Sourcing Toolbox: Infrastructure, Tools, Team, and Programs to Source World Class Tech Talent
  • Strategy Framework (Small Group Work): The Inputs and Outputs for a Sourcing Strategy
  • Your Sourcing Strategy: Build Your Tech Sourcing Strategy
  • Peer Review and Discussion: Solicit Feedback from Peers (Strategy in the Real World)


What do Recruiting Leader Attendees Say about this Workshop?

  • Actually, this will be our first Deep Dive format session. Feedback for our core Recruiting Leadership Lab workshops is fantastic, with over 100 5/5 ratings over the past 7 sessions. This Deep Dive idea comes directly from our tech-focused alumni who wanted to be able to go deeper in just one topic.



What Will You Do? What Will You Get?

It’s a hands-on lab for tech recruiting leaders who want to work, share and solve problems with peers, not listen to a trainer. This is about YOU working, sharing, and building in small groups.


  • Network, share, learn and benchmark with smart, vetted peers who are working to solve similar tech recruiting and sourcing leadership challenges
  • A safe, lab environment where you can ask questions, prototype ideas, seek feedback, and learn
  • The opportunity to build – laptop open - real-world strategies, programs, and processes to take back to your tech hiring teams
  • Post-lab networking (Slack channel) access for ongoing learning from peers




Who Should Attend?

  • You must be a current corporate tech-focused recruiting manager or director, who leads programs or recruiters for a company who makes 200-20,000 hires/year. You will be vetted to ensure you’re a match before we confirm your registration.
  • Past attendees of our Recruiting Leadership Labs have included recruiting leaders from companies in technology, financial services, retail, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and more, including eBay, Nike, Facebook, Yahoo!, Microsoft, GoDaddy, PNC Bank, TripAdvisor, Amazon, Groupon, Facebook, Pinterest, Netflix, Visa, KPMG, Square, Nestle, Target, Redbox, PepsiCo, OpenTable,, KLA Tencor, and Concur. Leaders have typically led small (3 person+) to large (20 person+) corporate recruiting teams. You do not have to work at a tech company to attend these Deep Dives, but you must focus on tech recruiting within your company.

  • Sorry, no vendors or partners to corporate recruiting teams (RPO, services, consultants, contingent or third-party recruiters) allowed. You must manage corporate recruiters to attend.
  • Maximum 20 participants per workshop.

John Vlastelica, the creator of our Leadership Labs and our facilitator, has led large tech recruiting teams as Sr Director, Global Recruiting for Expedia and a Recruiting Director with He co-built and co-led Amazon's Bar Raisers program in 1999, built and delivered the first tech interview and hiring manager training there, built and scaled the first tech recruiting teams, and personally recruited many of the top senior-level tech hires. He's been a practicing tech recruiter and tech recruiting leader for almost all of his corporate career.

As Founder and Managing Director of Recruiting Toolbox, he’s consulted with all kinds of companies on tech recruiting and interviewing strategy, and trained over a thousand tech recruiters, tech hiring managers, and tech interviewers, all over the world. He's been hired to work with tech recruiting teams at companies like Uber,, TripAdvisor, Yahoo!, and Groupon, in North America, Europe, and Asia.

He’s also been a top-rated speaker (rated #2 and #5 out of 100 at 2016 and 2015 LinkedIn Talent Connect, and the top rated speaker at SourceCon 2015) and a popular author on all things recruitment, including author of The Definitive Guide to Engaging Tech Talent.

In 2012, he co-founded Talent42, The National Tech Recruiting Conference, with Carmen Hudson, a passion project that has grown into one of the best conferences in the US. He leverages his network of engineering leaders and tech recruiting leaders to bring amazing speakers and learning opportunities to the US tech recruiting community.

As an experienced practitioner, he brings the confidence and humility that comes from years of real-world recruiting leadership experiences – success and missteps – to ensure that these workshops aren’t loaded with academic, “looks good on paper” strategies. Instead, we focus on real-world approaches (strategies, program, processes, tools) to solving our biggest tech recruiting challenges.

He gets tech recruiting. He loves tech recruiting.


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Feedback from Participants in Past Recruiting Leadership Labs (Core 1)

"Amazing 2-day learning experience. I put my learning to use before I even made it back to the office.”

- Talent Acquisition Manager, Nike

"Detailed and truly applicable role playing scenarios, and recruiting templates and tools that were shared, allowed us to walk through exact examples of what we would encounter in our day to day. John's personal experience and knowledge, and the way he has designed this Lab to pass it on to everyone that attends in a way that provides immediate results, is priceless and just down right awesome."

- Manager, Talent Acquisition, Yahoo!

“Very practical and engaging. Based on real life issues that we all face.”

- Sr Recruiting Manager, Autodesk

“One of the most targeted and relevant trainings I’ve attended in my career….spot on, great value.”

- Staffing Manager, Microsoft

“Very relevant and useful to my role in recruiting, and very knowledgeable instructors.”

- Recruiting Manager, Facebook

“Absolutely loved the breakouts and case studies – they really mirror a lot of scenarios I’m experiencing.”

- Staffing Director, Zynga

“5/5. Very practical.”

- Talent Acquisition Leader, PepsiCo Russia, Ukraine and CIS

“Learned what business leaders really want, how to build strategy, how to turn recruiters into talent advisors. 5/5!”

- IT Recruitment Manager,

"I received an email this morning from our CTO to create a recruiting strategy for his org. I can do that now!”

- Head of Recruiting, Venture Capital Firm

"It's the best workshop I have ever taken for my own career development."

- Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition, Yahoo!

"The lab provided a chance to learn best practices from other organisations/leaders as well as hear about mistakes and "what I'd do differently next time" stories. I immediately applied the knowledge I gained. By far the best seminar I’ve had the privilege to attend."

- Manager, US Recruitment, RBC Wealth Management

“Awesome. This did not suck! I learned key strategies to immediately use in my job.”

- Manager, Technical Talent Acquisition, Workday

“Very useful and valuable. Overall, 5/5.”

- Recruiting Innovation Lead,

“Great energy and facilitation. 5/5! Every recruiting leader should be required to attend.”

- Director, Talent Acquisition, GoDaddy

“Engaging, relevant, real-life examples, with practical, simple but powerful frameworks, tools and techniques for me to use on the job.”

- Director, Talent Acquisition, Nestle USA

“I was collaborating with and learning from my peers while being led by an industry expert. Quality of the attendees and workshop was top rate.”

- Sr. Director, Staffing and Mobility, Lam Research

“The materials were so very relevant. The stories were engaging. And the environment is open and welcoming, where everyone is encouraged to participate. Excellent! 5/5!”

- Associate Director of Recruiting, KPMG

“5/5! Very hands on, lots of examples, very useful tools and templates. I would recommend this to my peers.”

- Head, Talent Acquisition, Deloitte Switzerland

“Brilliant! 5/5!”

- Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition, Expedia Europe


We expect tech recruiting and tech sourcing managers from medium to large sized companies to attend. This is a new format for us (April 2017). The idea came from feedback from attendees of our Leadership Lab Core programs. Those programs have attracted recruiting leaders from all kinds of industries. Past attendees have come from startups to big companies like eBay, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, OpenTable, Nike, Target, Nestle, Electronic Arts, Yahoo!, Microsoft, PNC Bank, KinderCare, KPMG, GoDaddy, Groupon, Visa, TripAdvisor, Square, Autodesk, Redbox, REI, and Concur.

Participants tell us they appreciate our broad experiences as corporate recruiting leaders, as it makes the sessions much more real-world than other conferences or training sessions they’ve attended.

John Vlastelica, the creator of our Leadership Labs, and our facilitator, has led large tech recruiting teams as Sr Director, Global Recruiting for Expedia and a Recruiting Director with Through Recruiting Toolbox, he’s consulted with all kinds of companies on tech recruiting strategy, process improvement, and recruiting team management. He’s also been a top-rated speaker at US and international conferences, a popular author on all thing recruitment, and a conference producer (Talent42 – The National Tech Recruiting Conference). He gets tech recruiting.

Titles matter less than roles. To get the most out of this, you should be in a management role where your primary focus is on tech sourcing and tech recruiting. Past attendees of our Labs have included leads, managers, and directors.

Note: When we’ve had more senior leaders attend – people who manage other recruiting managers or directors – they tend to find exercises more suited for their direct reports. The sweet spot for this workshop is hands-on recruiting leaders, who are directly managing a team of tech recruiters and/or sourcers, and work directly with some or all of their tech executives.

We help tech recruiting leaders "get there, faster". This hands-on lab is all about going deep, giving you a chance to share, learn and build, and getting you feedback that'll help accelerate your path along the learning curve. You’ll learn new skills, you will gain confidence, you will grow your network with other tech recruiting leaders, and you will walk away with actionable frameworks for new strategies, processes, and programs.

Ideally, yes, but it's not required. Those labs provide fantastic foundations around strategy, business case development, driving adoption of process with hiring teams, metrics, coaching recruiters, and influencing execs. They are more like training than this more peer-to-peer-oriented lab. We've received amazing feedback from the hundreds of recruiting managers who have participated in our Core programs in the US and Europe. Check it out!

While we believe strongly that vendors and suppliers (RPO, services firms, agencies, consultants, etc.) can be critical to the success of a tech recruiting leader, this particular event is for 20 corporate tech recruiting managers/directors only. All of the content is built around an in-house, corporate recruiting leader's challenges, and all of the attendees - who want to grow their networks with corporate peers - expect the people sitting next to them to be in similar roles.

We have nothing against the vendors/suppliers/partners in our community; this just isn't the right event for them.

If you have questions about your eligibility to attend, please contact us.

If you cannot make the event, you may send another eligible person from your company (corporate recruiting manager+ level) to take your place at the same event. Just email us at least 5 days before the event, so that we can get them signed up.

Full credit card refunds are available if you cancel at least 45 days before the event. If you cancel 44-15 days before the event, you may receive a partial credit card refund (50%) or you may receive a full credit to be used against the next scheduled event. If you cancel 14-5 days before the event, Recruiting Toolbox will have already ordered your workshop materials and food, and will not have enough time to sell your seat to another person, so you will not be eligible for any credit card refund but you will receive a 50% credit to apply towards your tuition for the next event. If you cancel 4 days or less before the event, you will not be eligible for any credit card refund but you will receive a 25% credit to apply towards your tuition for the next event. Note: All credits for the next event must be used well before registration closes, as our events sell out well in advance, and if you wait to sign up for the next event, we cannot guarantee you a spot among the 20 person workshop. Therefore, to use your 25% or 50% credit, you must sign up for the next event within 30 days of your cancellation.

Sorry, we don’t. We’ve never had to discount these premium programs - we sell out, at full price, and don’t offer any kind of discounts. People tell us it’s an excellent value, so I hope you can still join us.

Sure, to get onto our notification emails, please download a sample agenda here: Recruiting Leadership Lab Deep Dive Overview - Seattle. That’ll put you into our system as someone who is interested in the Labs, and then - when a new lab is available - we’ll email you with details.