Recruiting Strategy Training

You have to prove you can fill reqs before you get to work on strategy.  Recruiters who have hiring managers expecting more need to know how to build and get buy-in for strategies at the req and department/function level.  This workshop – part of our Recruiting Labs series – teaches your recruiters how to gather business context and talent needs to build and communicate effective recruiting strategies.

It’s not focused on tactics – like how to source passive candidates or how to leverage social media; instead, it’s focused on how to develop real-world, quality strategies at the requisition and department/function level.  This workshop is a strategy-only focused piece of our 2-day Talent Advisor(consultative recruiting) workshop.

What do we focus on?

This half to full day in-person or virtual workshop focuses 100% on helping recruiters build and communicate strategy.

  • How to capture the key inputs necessary to build an effective sourcing, interviewing, and closing strategy at the req and department level.
  • How to build a strategy for a major hiring ramp up, including the keys to project-managing a major hiring initiative.
  • How to present the strategy back to the business and get buy-in, including how to sell with metrics.
  • How to prepare for, lead, and follow up after an effective hiring manager kickoff-strategy meeting for an open req.

Built for your real world

All of our training is custom-built to align to your recruiting team’s challenges, goals, skill gaps, culture, and process. The actual workshop agenda is developed in partnership with you, the recruiting leader. We leverage real world strategy and hiring manager scenarios to ensure that recruiters leave with practical approaches to building and communicating quality recruiting strategies. We build these scenarios after conducting focus group calls with your team, so that we’re sure they’re on target.


We’re here to work and practice what we’re learning. Our workshops are not presentations, where learners sit back and passively listen and check their email. Instead, we engage the team throughout the workshop by leveraging real-time Q&A, scenario based exercises, speed round best practice sharing, and interactive discussions. We also bring a real-world humility that comes out in the – often comical – stories we share to reinforce the learning objectives.

Who Should Attend?

We conduct focus group calls with you and your recruiters before we design your training. This helps us to customize the content by learning more about the skill level of the recruiters who will attend and also learning to speak your “language”. It also helps your team get comfortable with us, our approach, and our expertise.

Who delivers the workshop?

Our workshop facilitators are former corporate recruiting leaders who have built and deployed recruiting strategies that worked, and didn't work. We share lessons learned the hard way, and lead discussions focused in on what the business really wants from a recruiting strategy.

Your recruiters will know – right away – that our team has walked the talk.

Learn more about our team.

Do we get tools and templates?

Yes! We share templates that make building and communicating a strategy easy.

  • Sourcing Strategy Templates
  • Hiring Manager/Recruiting Strategy Intake Template
  • Assessment Strategy Templates
  • Template Email Communication to Communicate the Strategy

We include tools/templates with every workshop we deliver. These are designed to help the training "live on" after the workshop is over. We're happy to incorporate your existing tools/templates with this training, too, as it can help you to drive adoption and make the workshop feel more integrated with your existing process.

What do recruiters say about this workshop?

Hundreds of Recruiters have learned how to build better strategies through this workshop and our Recruiting Catalyst talent advisor workshop.

Great workshop - learned how to build and sell a strategy to hiring managers. Love the templates, too!.

– Sr Recruiter, Expedia

We got to work on a real-live hiring ramp during our session, so - yes - it was very actionable. We're going to use this new strategy we've built for a presentation next week.

– Recruiting Director, Hitachi

I knew how to build a req strategy already, but these tools and approaches will help me do it better.

– Sr IT Recruiter, Washington Mutual

You can tell they researched us and customized the content for our us. Very engaging and practical.

– Recruiter, Nike

5 out of 5! Outstanding, especially the work around sourcing strategy.

– Recruiter, American Funds

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