About Us

Recruiting Toolbox is a consulting and training firm that partners with HR and recruiting leaders to build and deploy the right recruiting strategies, plans, processes, systems, tools, and training.

We leverage years of experience in corporate recruiting leadership, consulting with best-in-class companies, and training recruiters and hiring managers around the world to help companies improve their in-house recruiting capabilities.

We help our clients address questions like...

  • What sourcing and social media strategies do I need to attract, engage, and recruit the kind of talent I need now and in the future?
  • How can I better articulate our employer brand and better leverage our online presence on our corporate career site and across the web?
  • How do I elevate my recruiters to a more strategic, consultative role with hiring managers?
  • How can I improve the effectiveness of my corporate and field-based hiring managers?

  • How do I drive better workforce planning across my organization so that I can be more strategic and proactive?
  • Should I create a central sourcing team, and if so, how do the handoffs work between sourcers, recruiters, and HR representatives?
  • How can I better leverage technology and my Applicant Tracking System to improve the productivity of my hiring teams and get better metrics and reports to measure our progress against goals?
  • What are the skill gaps on my team, and how do I close those gaps through custom training and better performance management?


Since 2002, we’ve helped organizations of all shapes and sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, in all types of industries, from high-tech to bio tech, retail to financial services, healthcare to education. We’ve been hired to help companies like Nike, Google, Groupon, The World Bank, Eddie Bauer, Philips, Expedia, Amazon.com, Yahoo!, GE, Cargill, M&M Mars, Electronic Arts, Rhapsody, and Kindercare.


We’ve had many successes – and several missteps – as former corporate recruiting leaders. We understand the complexities of juggling too many priorities, trying to implement strategies with limited resources, and driving real change across headquarters and field offices. We get that “looks good on paper” isn’t good enough. We build real-world, practical solutions that are tailored to your goals, your culture, and your budget.


We help companies recruit better. Learn more by exploring our consulting, training, and toolkit offerings.


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