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Talent advisor training for corporate recruiters

Sourcing, screening, closing skills.  All critical to the success of a recruiter.  But the best corporate recruiters – the most effective, the most respected – are also great at leading the process, building strategy, and playing a true talent advisor role to their hiring managers. Recruiting Toolbox’s Talent Advisor recruiter training workshop receives incredibly high ratings from recruiters and recruiting managers because it delivers practical strategies, tools and techniques (including the language to use to influence and lead) to help Recruiters more effectively manage their Hiring Manager relationships and play that critical strategic, consultative, Talent Advisor role.

Do you want to improve the critical conversations your recruiters should be having with hiring managers?  We can help. 

“Developing strong relationships with hiring managers is the top driver of talent acquisition performance.”

– High Impact Talent Acquisition Research with 300 companies, Bersin by Deloitte

Our agenda is built in partnership with you, organized around the critical conversations your recruiters need to have with hiring managers, business leaders, and key stakeholders in HR.  Typical agendas include a focus on…

  • Creating a culture of recruiting, where hiring managers play a bigger role in recruiting
  • Coaching hiring managers to be more effective at sourcing, interviewing, closing, and diversity
  • Leveraging market and compensation insights to influence and push back on unrealistic hiring managers
  • Diagnosing sourcing, interviewing, and closing challenges to improve speed, quality, and diversity outcomes
  • Influencing with metrics
  • Setting and managing hiring manager expectations around speed and process
  • Leading candidate debrief meetings to keep the bar high
  • Prioritizing workloads and aligning on priorities with the business
  • Translating HR-speak into language the business understands
  • Driving adoption of new processes with different personality type executives and hiring managers

We collaborate with you to build out the right 1.5-, 2-, or 3-day Talent Advisor workshop for your organization. We can deliver the training in-person in your offices or virtually, via a tool like Zoom, over multiple days, broken into 2.5-hour modules.

The training workshop includes presentation, scenario-based practice, small group discussions, all credibly delivered by one of our Senior Consultants, who each have 12+ years of experience in corporate recruiting.

We kick off the engagement to build your training with focus groups to learn more about your current state, challenges, existing internal best practices, and biggest development needs.  The focus groups include calls with hiring managers, recruiters, HRBPs, and recruiting leaders.  This gives us insights we can use to tailor the scenarios so that your recruiters work on immediately-actionable challenges, and walk away feeling more skilled, more confident as they elevate their conversation with hiring managers and executives.

We have also built our custom Talent Advisor workshops focused on just 1 big topic area.  For example, Adidas’ global TA team was focused on elevating the role they played as coaches in the interviewing process, so we built a 2-day custom workshop just focused on building interviewing strategies, leading the interviewing process, driving alignment on what good looks like, building a better candidate experience, coaching hiring managers to build better interviewing questions, and leading the hiring decision-making process.  However, Hulu, the streaming company owned by Disney, needed their Talent Advisor workshop to focus exclusively on Diversity and Inclusion, so we build out their custom 2-day workshop to focus on engaging hiring managers in more top of funnel diversity attraction and sourcing strategies and middle of funnel interviewing best practices that remove bias.

After the training, Recruiters head back to their desks with easy-to-use tools and guides to help them better engage, influence, and lead. This is not some academic workshop focused on the importance of being a strategic talent advisor; it’s all about the “how to.” Recruiters leave with templates, guides, and tools to help the lessons learned in the training stick.

  • Req Strategy Guide
  • Sourcing Strategy Template
  • Process and Timeline Expectation Setting Tool
  • Email Communication Templates, including Req Strategy, Candidate Presentation, Interviewing Prep
  • Candidate Tradeoff/Pushback Triangle
  • Debrief Facilitation Talking Points
  • Consensus Building Zig-Zag Buy-in Guide
  • Hiring Manager Diagnostic Tool

This custom training is designed for teams of 12+ junior- to senior-level corporate recruiters and recruiting managers.

We conduct focus group calls with your recruiters before we design your training. This helps us to customize the content – especially the real-world scenarios your recruiters will work through – to the skill level of the recruiters who will participate.  We get feedback from new recruiters and very experienced recruiters that the training was practical, highly relevant, and credibly delivered.

A typical workshop will have up to 20 corporate recruiters in each workshop so that we can keep everyone engaged, and keep small-group scenario groups small enough where everyone feels like they’re contributing in your in-person or virtual training.  If you have a team larger than 20 people, we’d deliver multiple sessions.

This training is built for corporate recruiting teams only.  If you work for an agency or RPO firm and you like our approach, or if you’re looking for individual training, you can check out our resources for solo recruiters, agencies, and small teams here.

of recruiters rated the overall
program at least a 4/5
of recruiters rated the overall
program a 5/5
said they’d recommend our Talent Advisor workshop to their peers
said they found the workshop
practical and actionable

“This workshop will redefine how my team partners with the business. Without a doubt, the best training we’ve attended.”

– Head of Recruiting, EMEA, Global Tech Company

Who hires us?

Google. Salesforce. Nike. Adidas. Nestle. EA Games. Booking. Starbucks. Disney. Leading companies, around the world, choose Recruiting Toolbox as a partner when they’re looking to transform their recruiting teams, and elevate their recruiters to Talent Advisors.

Why Choose Recruiting Toolbox’s Talent Advisor Workshop For Your Recruiting Team?

We invest time upfront to learn more about your current recruiting challenges, internal best practices, hiring manager feedback, and goals so that what we build resonates with your diverse recruiting team and leads to change in your real-world of competing priorities and limited time.

Our focus is on training recruiters – but just as importantly, it’s on driving alignment with your recruiting teams. We partner with you to ensure that we’re setting realistic expectations for what it means to be a Talent Advisor in your own environment, your culture, and your resource model. One of the great outcomes of our training is shared language we can all use when engaging the business.

Our workshops are credibly delivered by former corporate Recruiting Leaders, not generic trainers. We have experience as corporate recruiters and recruiting leaders, and understand how to engage junior to senior recruiting teams, including skeptics who are reluctant to change or maybe even think they have little to learn. We know nobody wants some academic, preachy trainer telling them “you’re doing it wrong” – that’s not us. We get the challenges of recruiting, and it shows up in post-training feedback.

Your recruiting team will receive practical tools and guides designed to help them better lead the recruiting process, set and manage expectations, educate hiring managers on tradeoffs, push back on unrealistic managers, and deliver a strategy/plan that gets them the hires needed.  They’ll also learn new language they can use in their daily life when engaging as Talent Advisors (not order takers!).

After the training has been delivered, we work closely with your recruiting leadership team to recommend changes to ensure the best practices stick.  How do we get recruiters to use these new guides and tools, how do we drive adoption of these new processes, how do we hold them accountable for these new expectations?  We can help!

“Post-training results are night and day better.  We’re pointing our team back to our training session, leveraging what we all learned. Our recruiting managers have their team meetings, where we go back and review certain sections from our workbooks and highlight wins and challenges.   We even send out a “recruiting minute” update on Mondays to keep the training alive.  All of this is part of our plan to hold our teams accountable for putting the best practices into practice.”

– Recruiting Director, Disney

We want to create client independence, not dependence.  So, for our larger clients, we build out a trainer’s guide and lead a train-the-trainer session to build your team’s capabilities to redeliver this workshop across your organization for years to come.  Companies like Northrop Grumman, EA Games, Thoughtworks, WeWork, and Adidas have purchased licensing rights to our training so that they can continue to deliver the Talent Advisor training internally as their teams grow.

Use our Talent Advisor Diagnostic Tool to self-assess your strategic talent advisor capabilities.

Our training delivery options allow you to choose the format that works best for your team:

  • Live, virtual delivery

  • In-person delivery

  • Online, pre-recorded training

  • Train-the-trainer delivery to help you scale internally

Download a PDF of our Training Delivery Overview document to learn more about each of these options.

Hear John Vlastelica explain how we help larger organizations scale training through our Train-the-Trainer program.

“The top notch and tailored training provided strategies and tools to get our team to see themselves as Talent Advisors and build even stronger partnerships with hiring managers, cross-functional partners, as well as each other.  The training leverages several state-of-the-art frameworks that come through sheer experience.  This training has led to a transformation from order-taking to operating as Strategic Thought Partners.  I highly recommend Recruiting Toolbox if you’re looking to take your recruiting team to the next level!”

– Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Slack

“One of the best trainings I have seen in 15+ years of recruiting. 5/5!”

– TA Senior Manager, Equinix

“5/5!  I loved the way the material was broken down and how thorough it was (covering almost every single area in recruiting, with scenarios that we all routinely run into in our day-to-day roles). The best recruiting/sourcing deep-dive training (and group conversations) that I have ever attended.”

– Technical Sourcer, Atlassian

“Recruiting Toolbox was the singular best thing I ever did for my career as a TA professional.”

– Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, LinkedIn (former Director, Recruiting, Yahoo!)

“Feedback on the workshop was hugely positive. It was a fantastic refresh for some, new skills for others, but each person walked away from the workshop realizing that they can be better tomorrow as a recruiter than they were today because of this training.”

– VP Recruiting, Electronic Arts

“So great to have exercises tailored to Nestle – it made the lessons and solutions immediately applicable to our real world (tomorrow!). This refreshed my excitement for recruiting. 5/5!”

– Recruiting Manager, Nestle

“The best training I’ve received. Excellent, useful and tangible takeaways.”

– Senior Recruiter, ESPN

“I learned I needed to be even more strategic and consultative with my hiring managers, and – most importantly – how to do that. This wasn’t preachy training by some outside “expert”. You can tell he’s been in our shoes, and knows what it takes to help us elevate our roles. I can use the stuff I learned today!”

– Senior Recruiter, Expedia

“Content is rich, concepts are digestible and convincing. Very helpful and practical. This will help our candidates, the business, and me. Exactly what we needed. 5/5!”

– Recruiting Manager,  Adidas

“Brings credibility from having been in the weeds and shares battle-tested experiences and learnings. All delivered with authenticity and humility. This allowed our most senior recruiters to “listen” and engage in this workshop. Great job!”

– Recruiting Director, Salesforce

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Frequently Asked Questions

A typical workshop will have up to 20 corporate recruiters in each workshop, so that we can keep everyone engaged, and keep small-group scenario groups small enough where everyone feels like they’re contributing in your in-person or virtual training.  If you have a team larger than 20 people, we’d deliver multiple sessions.
We really want and need a team of at least 12 recruiters to make this workshop engaging and – frankly – for you to be able to justify the investment you’d make in time and money to work with us to build the custom workshop for you.
Yes, we work with big global companies like Disney, EA Games, SAP, Adidas, and Atlassian – they all needed us to deliver multiple sessions to recruiters sitting in offices in many countries.  Sometimes clients will fly their recruiters into their regional hubs, and our consultants will travel there to deliver the training in-person over 2 days onsite in your offices.  Sometimes we’ll build out the training for virtual delivery, leveraging a tool like Zoom with virtual breakout rooms, and deliver sessions as modules of 2.5 hours each over many days and time zones.
Sorry, it’s not.  This training is built for corporate recruiting teams only.  If you like our approach, you can check out some of our free resources for Talent Advisors here.
It depends on the scope, but fees start at about $25,000.
Our workshop facilitators are former corporate recruiting leaders who have built and lived the Talent Advisor recruiting approaches we share with your teams. We’ve all started out as hands-on recruiters, and have applied the techniques and best practices shared in this workshop to earn the right to be a Talent Advisor to the hiring managers and execs we’ve supported.  Your recruiters will know – right away – that our team has walked the talk. We’ll bring the confidence – and humility (no big egos here!) – that comes from years of working with unruly, unrealistic, passive-aggressive hiring managers as well as unbelievably strong partner-oriented hiring managers.

Yes.  We also offer scalable, online video-based recruiter training (delivered by John Vlastelica, creator of our training), with content focused on how to be an effective talent advisor, how to screen and interview candidates, and how to sell and close offers.  Learn more about our online training, hosted by Social Talent. Companies like IBM, Intel, Uber, Oracle have leveraged our online training to upskill their recruiters.

Sorry, we’re not set up to offer 1:1 training.  We build custom training for teams of 12+ people.  However, you’re welcome to check out some of our free resources – including training-quality recorded webinarsbest practice articles, and expert pages.
Consultative Recruiter Training Workbook for Talent Advisors

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