We Offer Custom, Live Virtual Training

Recruiting Toolbox offers all of our custom training in a virtual format.  We have expertise recreating the best features of our interactive, in-person workshops using a tool like Zoom.  How?  We break our 1- and 2-day workshops into 2-hour live video sessions, where attendees engage in lively discussions and break into small groups to work through scenarios in virtual breakout rooms, and learn and share best practices.

No pre-recorded videos to watch.  Everything is live.  And yes, we can accommodate Americas, European, and Asian time zones.  We’ve been delivering our virtual training since 2017, with hiring managers and recruiters participating from 15 countries so far.  The feedback is great!  Is it the same as in-person?  No, of course not.  But it’s great, especially if you have travel restrictions, lack a travel budget to get your teams together, or just can’t afford to take your teams out of the office for whole days at a time.

“I loved the content and role-playing. I am surprised at how well it came off over Zoom. Thanks for a great training!  5/5!”

Senior Technical Recruiter, Equinix

Why Virtual Instructor-Led Training from Recruiting Toolbox?

You get the same, top-rated, custom workshop for your teams, led by a credible former-practitioner trainer who’s got the credibility and delivery style to keep your teams engaged.

This isn’t a webinar-style presentation, where attendees sit and watch the slides go by, then forget 90% of what was shared. This is truly interactive learning at its best, resulting in higher retention and user adoption rates. We can use multiple platforms, but usually leverage Zoom given its wide adoption.

Virtual Recruiter and Interviewer Training Using Zoom Technology
  • Content is custom-built for your real-world challenges, skill gaps, and role expectations. We leverage focus groups – also completed virtually – to understand your current state, and then collaborate with you to create the agenda and scenarios that’ll elevate the skills of your recruiters and/or hiring managers.
  • During each training module, we leverage group discussions and virtual breakout rooms to ensure meaningful, real-time collaboration among participants. Adults learn best by doing – so your peers learn from each other as they create solutions to real-world problems and present back WHY, WHAT, and HOW they’ll put their solutions into practice in YOUR real world. And our trainer is there to coach them as they work and share back with the rest of their training cohort.
  • While our Trainer facilitates discussions and presents customized best practices, our moderator is working behind the scenes to engage participants with online polls and questions.
  • After each module, participants are asked to complete a quiz or self-assessment or short homework assignment, to keep them engaged in between training modules.
  • All of our training workshops are offered as virtual training, including our popular Talent Advisor TrainingRecruiting Leadership Lab, and Hiring Manager/Interviewer Training.

Want to learn more about our training delivery options?

We can deliver our custom training in multiple ways so that you can choose the format that works best for your team:

  • Live, virtual delivery

  • In-person delivery

  • Train-the-trainer delivery to help you scale internally

Download a PDF of our Training Delivery Overview document to learn more about each of these options.

Recruiting Toolbox offers flexible training delivery for virtual recruiter training and virtual interviewer training.