HR & Corporate Recruiting Consulting Services

Since 2002, we’ve helped organizations, of all shapes and sizes, improve their sourcing and recruiting strategies, employment brand, processes, systems, and overall productivity.

  • Do you have a recruiting plan that is guiding your investment decisions and helping you achieve the goals the execs expect from you?
  • Are you leveraging high ROI strategies to attract, source, assess, and close the talent you need?
  • Do you know if your employment brand is helping or hurting you? How is your brand expressed across your careers site, in job ads, between recruiters and candidates, and between hiring managers and candidates?
  • Is your process efficient, allowing your recruiters and hiring managers to do their best work, while creating a great candidate experience?
  • Does your ATS and other recruitment technology get you what you need?


  • How well are your strategies, programs, processes, technology, and teams working together, to deliver the hires you need?
  • What can you do to improve your team's capabilities, given your unique goals, challenges, and constraints?

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  • Do you have a written recruitment strategy and plan guiding your investments and priorities?
  • What are the highest ROI attraction and sourcing strategies for your target candidates?

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  • Do you need to reduce time to fill, improve candidate quality, and create a best-in-class candidate experience?
  • Does your process focus your recruiters on their highest best use?

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  • Do your job postings, career site content, and social presence speak to the motivators of your target candidates?
  • Would your hiring managers and recruiters benefit from targeted recruitment messaging to aid in selling?

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  • Are you trying to decide whether or not a new ATS, CRM, or piece of technology will improve your recruiting team effectiveness?
  • Do you need expert configuration advice as you work to maximize your big tech investments?

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  • How do we ensure our Hiring Managers have quick and easy access to the tools, guides, policies, processes, and practices they need to be great at hiring?
  • How do create content that is customized to our process and roles, but also leverages great external best practices?

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  • Brought real world recruiting management expertise and great facilitation skills that helped earn the trust of our business leaders and deliver great results. I highly recommend Recruiting Toolbox.
    HR Director, Zumiez
  • A true expert in our field. Great at recommending strategies specific to our needs.
    HR Director, Concur
  • We had another big consulting firm in here for a year, and they gave me this giant binder full of best practices. That's not what I needed. However, Recruiting Toolbox was a great partner to me. They helped me translate my high level goals into global strategies and plans that I could implement. They get the real world challenges I need to solve.
    Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, Talisman Energy
  • Delivered excellent results, knows what it means to be a practitioner, was respectful of our culture, pushed back when needed and provided coaching to help us when we went to implement the process changes.
    Director, Talent Management & Recruitment, REI
  • After we were spun out of Microsoft, we just kind of adapted their interviewing process. But we needed our own way of doing things. Recruiting Toolbox worked with our execs, hiring managers, and recruiting team to help us define what we really needed and wanted, and then partnered with us to implement the new process and tools.
    Recruiting Director, Expedia