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Online Interviewer & Hiring Manager Training


Online Interviewer & Hiring Manager Training for Teams

Predicting Success by Recruiting Toolbox is a comprehensive, online interview training program designed to help your hiring managers and interviewers hire the right talent for your organization.

Over 75,000 interviewers and hiring managers from scale-ups to companies like IBM and Cisco have certified their hiring teams with our training.

Your teams will learn how to:

  • Get everyone aligned on objective, well-defined hiring criteria
  • Improve your interviewing and selection skills
  • Create a great, equitable process that gets you speed, quality, and diversity
  • Deliver a candidate experience and sales message that gets you top talent
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“The feedback was incredible. I really don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of such a great rollout of training. We added some content ourselves but primarily this was your content and it was so, so, well received. Thanks so much for the effort put in to get us here. Here’s to a better interview experience for our candidates!”

VP Talent, well known tech company

Frequently Asked Questions

No, sorry, this is designed for teams only, and sold in blocks of 50 users for 1-3 year contracts.

Teams of 15+ hiring managers and interviewers are the primary audience. There’s good content in here for recruiters and HR professionals, as well.

Yes, there’s content that John – who has worked with leading tech companies like Uber, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and co-founded the national tech recruiting conference, Talent42 – developed just for tech Hiring Managers. We get tech.

Each episode is about 3-6 minutes long, totaling about 4 hours for the interviewer version, and 5 hours for the hiring manager version. There’s additional content – up to another 4 hours – that can be unlocked once you finish the core 4- or 5-hour version. This allows you to keep the learning going throughout a year if you’d like – you can “drip” another 10 episodes/quarter.

No, this is a more comprehensive program that starts at 4 hours of content, broken up into video episodes that are 3-5 minutes long each. If you’re looking for something really basic covering just behavioral interviewing and legal dos and don’ts, this likely isn’t your most affordable option, as fees start at $16,000 for 10 users.
Yes. It goes way beyond basic behavioral 101 interviewing techniques and legal dos and don’ts. If you just need just the basics, this is probably not the right match. This training is for hiring teams that want to get aligned on hiring criteria, raise the bar on talent, effectively evaluate both hard and soft skills/fit, create a process that’s engaging and fast, and improve their ability to sell the best talent.

Yes, you can customize the learning paths, so that people only see the content you want them to see.  And, you can also upload custom content to complement the existing content on the platform, so that your employees learn your specific process, your role expectations, your definitions of “what good looks like,” and more.  You can engage Recruiting Toolbox to help you build custom content.  Contact us to learn more. 

Yes, we can use the online training as a foundation, and then build custom, offline, live training to create something more interactive, with small breakout group discussions, paired practice, and live Q&A – all critical if you’re trying to drive real behavior change.  We can also build custom guides – sourcing strategies focused on diversity, interviewing guides tied to your competency models, closing worksheets ties to your EVP, for example – to complement the online training.

Our Predicting Success and Diversity Interview Training programs are available with Latin Spanish and German captions. Some of our content is also available with French and Japanese captions.

Recruiting Toolbox has partnered with SocialTalent to provide on-demand online hiring manager training through their online learning platform.

The training is hosted by Social Talent, our partner in Ireland who has built a world-class online training platform. This training does not look like a bunch of password-protected YouTube videos – this is an interactive, multi-language learning tool with tools to help you drive and measure engagement, test for comprehension, and access content on desktop and mobile.

You can contact us to learn more about our packages. It’s sold as 1-3 year licenses, by Recruiting Toolbox, in blocks of 50 users. It’s designed for recruiting teams, not for just 1-2 recruiters. It’s hosted by our partners at Social Talent in Ireland.

Clients include startups to big brands like IBM, Cisco, Nielsen, Standard Chartered, and Ferrero.

Does this training focus on diversity? Yes!

Is there a shorter version? Yes!

“We built a ‘License to Hire’ program for our hiring managers. We wanted to augment our own best practices with thought leadership external to IBM, so we leveraged content created by John Vlastelica, one of my favorite facilitators and thought leaders, into our training. We’ve already deployed it to over 17,000 people. We use NPS to measure effectiveness, and have received amazing feedback so far.”

Director – Talent Acquisition EMEA & APAC, IBM

Clients use our online interview training to give their hiring managers and interviewers relevant, easy-to-access interview training.
Our online interviewer training for corporate hiring managers and interviewers is available on mobile devices.

Why purchase online Predicting Success for your hiring managers and interviewers?

Access 4-hour (Interviewers) or 5-hour (Hiring Managers) versions of this best practice interviewing training anytime, anywhere, as short 3-5 minute videos, with quizzes and an exam to test for understanding. After the learner completes the core 4- or 5-hour content, they can unlock even more content – up to 4 hours more – if they’d like to go deeper.

The Predicting Success program has been leveraged for over a decade with leading companies around the world, delivered as an onsite, custom-built program. Now, this more scalable version is available to your interviewing and hiring manager teams, online.

Our training gives interviewers and hiring managers smart, real-world, evidence-based techniques they can use to 1) build the right process and candidate experience, 2) evaluate candidates on skills, behaviors, achievements, and job fit/intrinsic motivation, 3) reduce legal risk, and 4) sell candidates on your opportunities.

John Vlastelica — our Founder — personally delivers the online training. He was a recruiting director at Amazon and Expedia, and has personally trained thousands of interviewers and hiring managers everywhere from startups to big companies like PepsiCo, Amazon, Target, EA Games, and Booking.

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“At SocialTalent, our customers and users rely on us to provide them with the very best insights on hiring and talent development therefore it was an obvious choice to partner with Recruiting Toolbox to deliver our Hiring Manager, Talent Advisor, Interviewing and Closing Candidates Training. John and the team are simply the best in the world in these areas and our customers; from Ikea to Intel to IBM have nothing but the highest praise for their programmes. Consistently amongst our most viewed, most shared and most liked content, the feedback is universal: it’s super practical, super engaging and really works to change behaviours and upskill colleagues.”

Johnny Campbell, CEO, Social Talent, Dublin, Ireland

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Interview training for corporate recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers
Interviewer Training for Corporate Recruiters and Hiring Managers
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Interview training for corporate recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers
Talent Advisor Training for Corporate Recruiters
Leadership Training for Recruiting Leaders