Startups to Global World Class Companies Hire Recruiting Toolbox to Train their Interviewers and Hiring Managers.

Startups to Global World Class Companies Hire Recruiting Toolbox to Train their Interviewers and Hiring Managers.

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Over 10,000 hiring managers and interviewers have completed our live, in-person or virtual training workshops and over 100,000 hiring managers and interviewers have completed our online, on-demand video-based training. Explore our range of training services on this page.

Custom Live Interviewing/Hiring Manager Training

Custom Live Interviewing/Hiring Manager Training

Define your hiring bar, leverage custom interview guides, and embed best-practice candidate assessment techniques into your process with our Interview Training For Hiring Managers workshop. This is custom built behavioral interview training for your interviewers, hiring managers, and recruiters. Our training options range from 4-7 hours, can be delivered globally, and includes a custom quiz and certification.

Online Behavioral Interviewing and Hiring Manager Video Training

Perhaps you need something more scalable, with multiple language options? Check out our online interview and hiring manager training. Our 88 NPS-rated content covers behavioral interviewing, situational interviewing, legal dos and don’ts, evaluating answers, making great hiring decisions, candidate experience, selling, declining candidates, diversity, interview team composition, and more. All with custom learning paths, broken into modules with 3-7 minute videos, organized into Level 1, 2, 3, with content that even your most advanced interviewers will find valuable. A million minutes of our content is watched each month by interviewers, hiring managers, and talent acquisition teams looking to raise the bar on how they hire and who they hire.

“Unfortunately, most interview training for hiring managers isn’t great.  It’s often too basic, too boring, and too generic to teach your teams how to hire the right talent for your organization. Since 2005, we’ve been training hiring managers and interviewers – from over 30 countries – how to define their hiring bar, interview and select great talent, while focusing on quality, speed, and diversity. I personally built our training for smart hiring teams, looking for a core methodology and practical techniques that go beyond basic behavioral interviewing. We love earning 5/5 reviews from even your most critical hiring managers – 88% of our attendees rate our training a 5/5, with 98% recommending it to their peers. But what we love even more, is helping you deploy a high hiring bar across your org, so that you get the right talent into your teams.”

John Vlastelica, CEO, Recruiting Toolbox

License to Hire

Looking to go beyond interview training, to certify your new and experienced hiring managers? We build custom License to Hire training for companies like LinkedIn and Electronic Arts, where hiring managers learn more than just how to interview.  They also learn how to champion and improve diversity, improve speed with a better hiring process, improve quality by helping to attract the right talent, and improve offer-to-hire close rates by effectively selling and speaking to their candidate’s top motivators.

Executive Hiring

Looking for a partner to train up your VP and C-level executives?  We build custom, smart training for your most senior leaders.  Our executive hiring manager training – loved by companies like Deloitte, Autodesk, and Nubank – is delivered by a credible consultant who knows how to engage VP-level leaders and deliver 2-4 hour training that is practical and actionable to your teams who hire for your Director+ level talent.

Bar Raiser

Looking to implement a quality control mechanism to make sure you set and maintain a high hiring bar?  Our CEO co-built and led Amazon’s famous Bar Raiser program when he led tech recruiting there in Amazon’s formative years. Since then, we’ve helped companies put programs in place – from Bar Raiser like programs at Beyond Meat and Adidas, to Hiring Committee programs at Yahoo! – to help them leverage advanced candidate assessment techniques, expert hiring decision facilitation practices, and fair processes to help improve quality and diversity. Bar Raiser training is for talent acquisition, interviewing, and hiring manager teams looking to define and embed a high hiring bar in their teams.

What Makes Great Hiring Manager Training Great?

Why does some interview training get rave reviews and lead to real improvements in quality hires, diversity, candidate experience, and speed?  And why does some interview training get bad reviews and make no impact?

John Vlastelica wrote up an overview on hiring manager training best practices.  If you’re thinking about building your own interviewer training, even if you’re just starting with basic behavioral interviewing 101, you should read this and learn what you can do to make it great, and avoid the things that make bad training bad.

Interviewing Effectiveness Diagnostic Tool

Recruiting Toolbox is engaged by amazing companies around the world to define hiring standards and build interviewing and selection capabilities of hiring managers, interviewers, and recruiters.

Leverage what we’ve learned from working with thousands of hiring managers and recruiting/HR leaders to evaluate your team’s interviewer skills, candidate assessment practices, and hiring process with this free diagnostic tool.

Interview Diagnostic Tool for hiring manager training needs

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If you’d like to learn more about how we help companies define a high hiring bar, align teams on “what good looks like,” train up hiring managers and interviewers, all with a focus on speed, quality, and diversity, please reach out.  Someone from our team will get back to you within 2 business days.  In the meantime, you can download overviews of our various interview training workshops and hiring manager trainings using the buttons above – those downloads include detailed agendas and testimonials.