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Agencies, and Small Teams

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Recruiting Toolbox primarily works with corporate recruiting teams at medium- to large-sized companies, with projects starting at $25,000. We aren’t currently structured to offer many services for smaller teams looking to train 1-5 recruiters or solo recruiters, and we don’t have the depth of expertise to work with agency recruiters. Below are some resources you may find helpful if we’re not a good match or cost-effective for you.

  • Free webinars and conference presentations featuring our team at LinkedIn Talent Connect and other industry conferences
  • Our page of free resources, including best practice guides on sourcing, interviewing, closing, talent advising, and recruiting leadership, diagnostic tools to self-assess your talent advising, sourcing, and interviewing capabilities, and podcasts on recruiting best practices


Our projects start at $25,000, but most clients invest $35-100k with us for a typical project.

Our expertise is corporate recruiting, not agency recruiting. While some of our work is probably helpful to agency recruiters, it’s just not our focus. Sorry!

Sorry, we don’t offer training for just one recruiter.  We do – however – offer a public workshop for corporate recruiting managers/directors.  Please check out for our current offerings.  We have startup to large, enterprise talent acquisition managers attend our labs in the US and Europe.  Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, GoDaddy, and Twitter regularly send their leaders to these workshops.  You must be a current manager of a recruiting team to be eligible to attend.

12 people per training is about as small as we’d want to go.  Why?  We want you to work alongside peers in small group exercises, learning from each other (not just us).  Smaller groups often lack the interaction you seek.  Also, our projects start at $25,000, so many smaller teams can’t justify the cost/person until they get to at least 12 people.

Yes!  Check out our resources page – we have free, training quality webinars, best practice guides, blogs and articles, podcasts, and more.  We’re invested in elevating our profession, and make much of our best content available for free.