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Recruiting Toolbox offers corporate recruiter, interviewer, and hiring manager training with flexible delivery options.

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  • Custom-Built Training

  • For teams of Recruiters, Recruiting Managers, Interviewers, and Hiring Managers

  • Credibly Delivered by Former Practitioners

  • Practical Templates and Guides Included

  • Post-Training “Making it Stick” Consulting to Drive Adoption

  • Thousands of 5/5 reviews from recruiting and hiring teams in over 20 countries

Predicting Success - Interview training for corporate recruiters, interview training for interviewers, and interview training for hiring managers

Interviewer Training

Custom behavioral and situational interviewing, bias, candidate experience, and selling training for hiring managers and interviewers.

Talent Advisor Training for Corporate Recruiters

Talent Advisor Recruiter Training

Custom-built, scenario-based hiring manager influencing, engagement, process leadership, and analytics workshop for corporate recruiters.

Closing Lab - Selling and closing training for corporate recruiters

Closing Training

Tailored EVP/messaging, candidate selling, hiring team engagement, negotiation, closing, and influencing workshop for corporate recruiters.

Diversity Lab - Diversity Training for Corporate Recruiters

Diversity Recruiting Training

Strategic diversity sourcing, interviewing, hiring manager engagement, and process leadership training for corporate recruiting teams.

Leadership Lab - Leadership Training for Recruiting Leaders

Recruiting Leadership Training

Custom-built, scenario-based recruiting strategy, coaching, influencing, and metrics workshop for corporate recruiting managers.

Our training delivery options allow you to choose the format that works best for your team:

  • Live, virtual delivery

  • In-person delivery

  • Online, pre-recorded training

  • Train-the-trainer delivery to help you scale internally

Download a PDF of our Training Delivery Overview document to learn more about each of these options.

Flexible training delivery options for corporate recruiter training, hiring manager training, and interviewer training

Hear John Vlastelica explain how we help larger organizations scale training through our Train-the-Trainer program.

Do you need to improve your hiring manager capabilities?

Assess your hiring managers using our Hiring Manager Maturity Model.

The Hiring Manager Maturity Model

Are you looking to elevate your Recruiters to Talent Advisors?

Assess where your recruiting team is today by leveraging our Talent Advisor Diagnostic Tool.

The Talent Advisor Diagnostic Tool

Why choose Recruiting Toolbox for your team’s training needs?


We help companies
improve time to fill.

Go Faster

Our training workshops teach recruiting leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers how they can accelerate time to fill.

Specifically, our workshops help companies increase hiring speed in four ways: (1) aligning your interviewing teams on realistic profiles, (2) sourcing better talent, (3) interviewing so well that you can make confident, same-day decisions, and (4) diagnosing funnel issues to improve source:interview:offer:hire ratios.


We help companies
hire better talent.

Raise the Bar

Our training workshops teach recruiting leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers how they can hire better talent.

Specifically, our workshops help companies increase talent quality in four ways: (1) aligning your teams on what good looks like (defined hiring bar), (2) employing more targeted sourcing with a recruiting pitch that speaks to top-talent motivators, (3) interviewing more effectively to avoid false-positive (bad) hires and false-negative (missed out on good) hires, and (4) closing more offers.


We help companies
improve diversity.

Source, Interview, and Select for Diversity

Our training workshops teach recruiting leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers how they can improve diversity hiring ROI.

Specifically, our workshops help companies increase hiring diversity in four ways: (1) widening the aperture to go beyond narrow, pedigree- and bias-filled profiles, (2) expanding sourcing to include more diverse talent from more diverse sources, (3) leveraging better interviewing techniques and decision-making models, and (4) influencing hiring teams to hire outside of homogenous profiles.


We help companies
scale their training.

Scale your Training

For clients who need scale and ongoing support, we build a train-the-trainer program, so that you get licensing rights and skilled internal trainers to deliver this to hundreds or thousands of people across your organization.

How does it work? We train trainers that we help you identify in your organization. We give you licensing rights, build a custom trainer’s guide, and lead a two-day interactive trainer’s session, certifying those who pass. Companies like Booking, Target, Adidas, and Nestle have trained hundreds of interviewers and recruiters with their own internal trainers after engaging us to train their trainers.

“A few years ago, we started a transformation in the recruiting function, and developing talent advisor capabilities became central to that effort.   I believe that the Recruiting Toolbox has world-class content and training in the area of building talent advisor skills, and they’ve been a good partner in that process.  They’ve customized content both in terms of substantive modules we wanted to add and also in terms of using our homegrown vernacular and industry language.  Most recently, they worked across our organization to train-the-trainer on talent advisor coursework, adapting the training to our new virtual ‘normal,’ and that will give us tremendous scale across the enterprise.”

Peter Brooks
Vice President, Enterprise Talent Acquisition, Northrop Grumman

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