Recruiter & Hiring Manager Training

Since 2002, we’ve helped thousands of recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers improve their recruitment capabilities through real-world, practical, custom-built training.

  • Are your recruiters or HR generalists leveraging best practices to source, assess, and close their candidates, and play a strategic, consultative role with their hiring managers?
  • Does your team know how to best attract and engage passive and active candidates online, over the phone, and through social media?
  • Are your interviewers and hiring managers gathering the right evidence in the interview process to select and hire the best people for your company?
  • Are your recruiting managers building the right recruiting strategies, engaging and influencing execs, and and leading their team of recruiters effectively?


How do we build and get buy-in for the sourcing and recruiting plan to get the hires we need?

What are hiring managers really asking for when they want us to be more strategic?

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How do we find, engage, and recruit top passive talent that's not on job boards or LinkedIn?

How do we push back on unrealistic hiring manager requests?

What tools exist to help me get more sourcing work done in my busy day?

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How can we get everyone on the same page around our hiring criteria and interviewing process?

How can we go beyond behavioral interviewing basics to predict whether candidates will succeed here, in our unique culture?

What tools can we leverage to better interview candidates?

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How do we pre-close candidates and negotiate the right offer for our compensation philosophy?

How do we uncover and speak to non-money motivators?

How do we engage hiring teams in the selling process?

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How do we elevate our roles to Talent Advisors?

How do we lead the recruitment process, and play a more consultative role with unrealistic, unresponsive, or untrained hiring managers?

How do we better engage hiring managers in the process?

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How do we influence execs to fund initiatives or support major strategy or process changes?

How do we build and deploy strategy across the organization?

How do we focus our recruiters on the highest ROI activities?

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How do we help hiring managers improve their ability attract, engage, sell, and recruit top talent?

How do we get managers to improve their job ads, social presence, and expand their networking and outreach efforts?

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How do we go beyond the vendor-provided generic training to get training and how-to guides that are customized to the way should be using our system, given our goals and process?

How can we uncover the barriers to change and and leverage training to improve user adoption?

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  • Engaging, credible expert who spoke our language. Extremely helpful to move this organization forward.
    Recruiting Director, Nike
  • Brings credibility from having been in the weeds and shares battle tested experiences and learnings which are delivered with authenticity and humility.
    Recruiting Director,
  • It’s been almost a year and a half, and my recruiters still talk about the training you did for us. It was the best training we’ve had, and very practical. They actually use the techniques and tools they learned.
    Director, Talent Acquisition, T-Mobile
  • Exceptional. Content was specific to our org, and helped lead our team to better results. Feedback from participants was excellent.
    VP, Talent Acquisition, PNC Bank
  • Feedback on the workshop was hugely positive. It was a fantastic refresh for some, new skills for others, but each person walked away from the workshop realizing that they can be better tomorrow as a recruiter than they were today because of this training.
    VP, Talent Acquisition Electronic Arts