Recruiting Leadership Training Workshop (Virtual or In Person)

Sure, having great recruiting skills is critical to credibly leading a recruiting team, but what often separates the best recruiting leaders from the good leaders has more to do with their ability to influence execs, lead change, build strategy, and motivate and focus busy recruiters. This workshop – called Recruiting Leadership Lab – receives incredibly high ratings from recruiting managers and directors because it delivers practical strategies, tools and techniques (including the language to use to influence and lead) to help Recruiting Leaders more effectively lead.

This is not a general leadership training, focused on giving performance feedback and visions/mission stuff.  This unique workshop – all scenario-based – is completed tailored to the real world challenges faced by your corporate recruiting leaders.   Your leaders work side by side to tackle their current challenges, and receive real-time coaching and best practice tools and techniques to help them in their real world of competing priorities and limited time and money.  Read the testimonials in the last tab below to see what corporate recruiting leaders say about this unique workshop.

“What a fantastic two days – tremendously valuable.  Really appreciate you giving us your all.”

– VP Enterprise Technology Talent Acquisition, The Walt Disney Company

Don’t have a big enough recruiting leadership team to justify a custom, onsite Recruiting Leadership Lab?  Check out our public workshops here, typically offered in the US and Europe each year.

What do we focus on?


This 2-day workshop - delivered in person or virtual - is not focused on how to recruit, trends in the workforce, or general people-management practices. Instead, it’s 100% focused on the "how-to", to help you lead your part of the recruiting function and deliver the right strategies for your business.


We focus on these critical recruiting leadership competencies:

Executive Influence ■ Strategic Thinking ■ Team Leadership ■ Change Management ■ Recruiting Strategy ■ Prioritization & Setting Direction ■ Business Acumen ■ Communication ■ Problem Solving ■ Organizational Savvy

What will you learn?

Best Practices for your real world, as this workshop is customized to your recruiting leaders' challenges. Typically, the agenda focuses on some or all of the areas below.


  • How to Build and Present a Quality Business Case to Get Approvals for Additional Investments in Talent Acquisition (Headcount, Programs)
  • How to Influence Execs and Get Buy-in for Strategy
  • How to Build and Communicate a Recruiting Strategy for a Department or HIring Ramp Up
  • How to Leverage Key Metrics to Plan, Make Quality Decisions and Establish your Credibility
  • How to Drive Change and Adoption with Hiring Managers, Execs, and Recruiters
  • How to Coach Recruiters to be Talent Advisors
  • How to Build Scalable Pipeline and Interviewing Strategies and Processes
  • How to Create a Culture of Recruiting with High Hiring Manager Engagement
  • How to Improve Diversity ROI - Building, Influencing, Driving Adoption




It’s customized and real world


We were successful corporate recruiting leaders who understand how challenging it is to manage and lead a recruitment function. Our training is focused on real-world approaches to leading with scenarios and examples that will resonate with you, and better prepare you for the business and team challenges that await you back in the office. We build these scenarios after conducting focus group calls with you and your team, so that we’re sure they’re on target.

It’s focused on strategy, not tactics

You long to get out of the daily fire fighting and into a more strategic role within your company. We can help give you the skills and confidence you need - in a safe lab environment, where the focus is on practice, not PowerPoint - to effectively lead.

It’s focused on you, the recruiting leader

This is not training that focuses on how to recruit. It’s focused on how to lead a recruitment function and grow the recruiting capabilities of your organization. This training is all about leveraging your talents and taking your skills to the next level.


Who Should Attend?

  • New and Experienced Corporate Recruiting Managers and Directors who lead recruiters and are responsible for recruiting strategy for some or all of their organization.
  • Recruiting Leads (Also see the public Recruiting Leadership Lab workshop if you are interested in training for just 1 or 2 recruiting managers.)

Titles matter less than roles. To get the most out of this, you should be in a role where you need to regularly build business cases to justify investments, create, communicate and gain buy-in for recruiting strategies from the business and your team, measure and drive recruiter productivity, and problem- solve difficult team and business-facing issues. Past attendees have included supervisors to directors, but all have been responsible for managing some or all of the recruiting function in their organization.

We conduct focus group calls with you and your recruiting managers before we design your training. This helps us to customize the content - especially the scenarios - by learning more about the skill level of the people who will attend and also learning to speak your “language”. It also helps your team get comfortable with us, our approach, and our expertise.

Who delivers the workshop?

The workshop will be led by John Vlastelica. John was a recruiting director with and Expedia, and now, through Recruiting Toolbox, provides strategic consulting and training services to recruiting leaders from companies like Nike, Groupon, Yahoo!, World Bank, Electronic Arts, Dolby, PNC Bank, Rhapsody, Google, and

As an experienced practitioner, he brings the confidence and humility that comes from years of real-world recruiting leadership experiences – success and missteps – to ensure that these workshops aren’t loaded with theoretical, “looks good on paper” strategies. Instead, we build scenarios that reflect the most challenging aspects of leading a recruitment function today, and encourage all attendees to share their real-world approaches to solving these challenges.

Attendees tell us they appreciate our broad experiences as corporate recruiting leaders, as it makes the sessions (loaded with hands-on, scenario-based breakout sessions) much more real-world than other training sessions they’ve attended.

Learn more about our team.

Do we get tools and templates?


Yes! We include templates that make leading teams and building and communicating recruiting strategies easier. Sample templates include:


  • Recruiting Strategy Input/Output Model
  • Recruiting Activity Forecast
  • Sample Recruiter Scorecard
  • Recruiter Performance Diagnostic Tool
  • Prioritization Matrix and Criteria
  • Sample SLA Timeline Template
  • Recruiter Capacity Model and Req Load Optimization Graph
  • Recruiting Strategy Template



What do recruiting leaders say about this workshop?



Hundreds of recruiting leaders have learned how to build better strategies, influence, drive change, and help their teams be better talent advisors through our public and custom-built workshops.  Custom Workshop Clients include: Disney, Nike, EA Games, Bloomberg, Northrop Grumman, Booz Allen, Lidl, SAP, PNC Bank, and AT&T.   

“Amazing 2-day learning experience. I put my learning to use before I even made it back to the office.”

- Talent Acquisition Manager, Nike 

“Very practical and engaging. Based on real life issues that we all face.”

- Sr Recruiting Manager, Autodesk 

“One of the most targeted and relevant trainings I’ve attended in my career….spot on, great value.”

- Staffing Manager, Microsoft 

“Very relevant and useful to my role in recruiting, and very knowledgeable instructors.”

- Recruiting Manager, Facebook 

“Absolutely loved the breakouts and case studies – they really mirror a lot of scenarios I’m experiencing.”

- Staffing Director, Zynga 


“It’s been almost a year since I attended, and I still use my workbook; my recruiters are used to seeing it come out at our staff meetings now.”


- Sr Manager, Talent Acquisition, PNC Bank 

“I can honestly say I’ve used every single technique since the workshop in October.”

- Recruiting Director, The Freeman Company 

“Awesome. This did not suck! I learned key strategies to immediately use in my job.”

- Manager, Technical Talent Acquisition, Workday 

“Very useful and valuable. Overall, 5/5.”

- Recruiting Innovation Lead, 

“Engaging, relevant, real-life examples, with practical, simple but powerful frameworks, tools and techniques for me to use on the job.”

- Director, Talent Acquisition, Nestle USA 

“I was collaborating with and learning from my peers while being led by an industry expert. Quality of the attendees and workshop was top rate.”

- Sr. Director, Staffing and Mobility, Lam Research



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