Recruiter Training, Hiring Manager Training & Consulting Client Testimonials

Companies and their recruitment teams – across industries and geographies – appreciate our real-world, customized training and consulting services. They hire us because we’re former practitioners who get it – they don’t need high level, pie in the sky best practices; they want actionable strategies, process improvements, and training programs that deliver on their goals.



"Engaging, credible expert who spoke our language. Extremely helpful to move this organization forward."
- Recruiting Director, Nike

"Did a phenomenal job of understanding our business challenges and requirements to build a program that had a significant and immediate ROI."
- Sr. Recruiter Manager, Microsoft

"Literally, the day after the class I was building recruitment plans to support my business including forecasting data, sourcing plans, SLAs and processes to put in place. Not only was a stronger leader leaving the workshop, I was a stronger partner for my business. #didnotsuck"
- Global Recruiting Manager, TripAdvisor

"He is a thought leader in the recruiting space. This class helped me to become a more strategic advisor and planner. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to be a cutting edge Talent Acquisition Leader!"
- Head of Global Recruiting,

"Outstanding. His insights lent a ton of credibility. Honest and not canned HR fluff. Someone who understands engineering DNA."
- Engineering Hiring Team, Target

"5/5! Best sourcing training I've had over all of my years of tech recruiting."
- Senior Recruiter, The Gap

"Excellent! Engaging, practical and real-world."
- Recruiting Manager, Lam Research

"Learned Boolean searches outside of LinkedIn, other social sites to use, how to craft better messages, and new tools to find contact info."
- Senior Recruiter, mongoDB

"The best, most 'real-world' effective training I've ever taken as a recruiter. Great Info and new ideas to implement right away."
- Senior Recruiter, TASC

"I'm a hard person to keep engaged and I was for the whole 2 days. Loved it. Phenomenal."
- Senior Recruiter, Zurich

"Brings credibility from having been in the weeds and shares battle tested experiences and learnings which are delivered with authenticity and humility."
- Recruiting Director,

"It’s been almost a year and a half, and my recruiters still talk about the training you did for us. It was the best training we’ve had, and very practical. They actually use the techniques and tools they learned."
- Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition, T-Mobile

"Exceptional. Content was specific to our org, and helped lead our team to better results. Feedback from participants was excellent."
- VP, Talent Acquisition, PNC Bank

"Feedback on the workshop was hugely positive. It was a fantastic refresh for some, new skills for others, but each person walked away from the workshop realizing that they can be better tomorrow as a recruiter than they were today because of this training."
- VP, Talent Acquisition, Electronic Arts

"What impressed me most about [Recruiting Toolbox] was the effort they put into understanding our company, recruiting team, and specific needs we had around positioning our recruiters as true talent advisors."
- VP, HR, Nestle USA

"I was very pleased with how quickly John was able to understand our complex organization and provide actionable insights and recommendations that will help us achieve our goals."
- VP, Talent Acquisition, Sodexo

"They made a direct impact on the quality of talent we hire. Even our CEO has commented on the elevation of the talent bar."
- Recruiting Director, Yahoo!

"Brought real world recruiting management expertise and great facilitation skills that helped earn the trust of our business leaders and deliver great results. I highly recommend Recruiting Toolbox."
- HR Director, Zumiez

"Delivered excellent results, knows what it means to be a practitioner, was respectful of our culture, pushed back when needed and provided coaching to help us when we went to implement the process changes."
- Director, Talent Management & Recruitment, REI

"The training has immediate and real impact and, after almost three years, continues to get high marks as the 'best interview training' most participants have experienced at any company."
- Recruiting Director, Expedia

"The recruiting toolkit is a huge step forward in our quest to provide extraordinary support to our field leaders."
- VP Enterprise Talent Management, Kindercare