Corporate Recruiting Capabilities-Function Audit

I need an assessment of our overall recruiting capabilities and tailored recommendations to improve the way we recruit.  Not a big report of best practices.  But actionable recommendations, customized to our real-world resource model, our culture, and our unique hiring needs.   


We can help!  We focus 100% on improving internal recruitment capabilities.  Great recruiting doesn’t happen by accident.  It requires strategies, programs, processes, technology, and teams that work together.  When we partner with HR and recruitment teams to audit, assess, and improve recruitment capabilities, we recognize that there are certainly core best practices that can and should be leveraged, but – more importantly – there are also strategies and processes that need to be tailored to a client’s unique goals, challenges, and culture.

We partner with you, upfront, to scope out the audit and identify the core questions you need answered by our assessment.  These often include questions like:

  • How can we improve our sourcing strategies and attraction programs to ensure we hire the right quality of talent, faster?
  • How can we improve our processes to ensure we’re leveraging our recruiters and hiring teams effectively, while still creating a candidate experience that helps us – not hurts us – as we go after top talent?
  • What kind of role should the recruiter, hiring manager, HR business partner, and interviewer play in our processes?  How should that vary based on function, department, location, and level of role?
  • What kind of technology, tools and training are needed for us to help our teams hire better quality talent, faster?
  • What does the business need from us that they’re not getting, and how do we close the gap and prioritize given our limited resources and budget?
  • Where do we deliver the most value now, and how can we deliver even more?  What should we start, stop, and continue doing given our goals and opportunities?

Our team brings a great combination of recruiting industry best practices and real-world, custom recommendations to our engagements.  We recognize that the recommendations we’ve made for big global brands with 100s of recruiters need to look different when we’re working with lean retailers, or highly regulated healthcare organizations, or high volume teams, or small startups.  And we get that sales recruiting, tech recruiting, hourly recruiting, and G&A recruiting may need to look different.

We have significant experience improving the recruiting capabilities of small to large recruitment teams, and a real-world practitioner orientation (as former corporate recruiting leaders ourselves) to help you deploy the recommendations in a world of competing priorities and limited resources.

If you just want a list of general best practices, we have some books and articles to recommend to you.  If you want to really understand what prevents your teams from doing even better work, hiring even better talent, and doing it even faster, then please contact us to see if we can help.

What Our Clients Say

  • Delivered excellent results, knows what it means to be a practitioner, was respectful of our culture, pushed back when needed and provided coaching to help us when we went to implement the process changes.
    Director, Talent Management & Recruitment, REI
  • We engaged with Recruiting Toolbox in a recruitment process improvement initiative. I was very pleased with how quickly they were able to understand our complex organization and provide actionable insights and recommendations that will help us achieve our goals.
    VP Recruiting, Sodexo USA (winner, ERE Recruiting Department of the Year Award)
  • Recruiting Toolbox helped us merge five businesses' recruiting processes into one, coherent process for recruiters and hiring managers.
    Recruiting Leader, Philips Medical Systems

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