Employment Branding & Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

I already have an ad agency, why would I need your help with Employment Branding?

We take a different approach to branding.  We start by partnering with you to build out your employee value proposition in the context of sourcing and competing for top talent – why would someone great, who is already working for a great company and gainfully employed, want to quit and work for you?  We work closely with your teams – recruiters, HR, executives, top performers, recent hires – to go beyond the generalities that plague so many EVPs to come up with content that is written in an authentic tone, resonates with existing employees (truthful, and not too aspirational), and – most importantly – is actionable.

We take the EVP and leverage it to develop very specific recruitment messaging for your hardest to find talent – the talent that is not typically responding to your ads. This includes building better job ads, career site content (including testimonials), LinkedIn and social content, and hiring manager selling guides.  We then help you implement this in the real world – training, communication, how-to guides, and one-on-one coaching between recruiters and hiring managers.

You end up with a toolkit of sorts that goes beyond the words of a well written EVP and pretty ads – you get actionable content and a plan to improve the way you engage, source, and recruit top talent.

We help companies build and articulate their Employee Value Proposition.

Defining Your Employment Offering and Employee Value Proposition

It’s probably not getting any easier to attract the top candidates you need. And there are hundreds of organizations all saying the same thing: our people make the difference, we’re industry leaders, take your career to the next level. We can help you identify your employment “offering” by studying why recent hires joined your firm, surveying candidates who were offered but declined, talking with your recruiting team and hiring managers about their pitch, understanding what keeps your top performers engaged, and completing a competitive analysis of your top people competitors.

Here's What You Get

  • Custom built Employee Value Proposition based on a real-world assessment of your offerings relative to the competition
  • A detailed analysis of your company's strengths and weaknesses relative to the criteria top performers use to evaluate opportunities.
  • Focus group and survey results that highlight the real reasons people come to your company and stay at your company, including testimonials
  • An HR and executive briefing where we validate and review the EVP with your leaders

We help teams uncover the motivators of their target candidates, and then build a recruitment "pitch" that speaks to those unique motivators.

Building Sourcing Profiles/Personas

One size does not fit all. And while you may leverage core messaging across all job types, we must also recognize that different candidates have different motivators. Engineers may want to hear about what they’re going to build, and the cool technology they’ll learn about and use, while sales people may want to land big deals and earn big bucks. We can help you create job-specific sourcing profiles that include the specific recruitment messaging that will appeal to your target candidates. This will help your recruiters get passive candidates interested, help your hiring manager articulate “what’s in it for me?” in a more tailored way, and help you customize and target your job postings and ads.

Here's What You Get

  • An assessment of your current job postings for your most critical job categories
  • Detailed personas or recruitment profiles, based on expertly led focus groups with your top performers, recruiters, and hiring managers
  • Cheat sheets for recruiters/sourcers and hiring managers, to help them sell to the unique motivators of their target candidates

We create custom recruitment messaging content, including job ad templates, social media content, sourcing talking points (a “pitch doc”), and candidate interview-day collateral.

Turning Your Messaging Into On-Target Content

While we’re not an ad agency, we do have expertise translating your recruitment messaging into on-target content. We’ve helped companies create compelling job posting templates, new career site content and testimonials, hiring manager and recruiter selling guides, presentations for campus or industry career events, and candidate/interview packets. Of course, if you’re looking for professionally designed advertisements, we can help you engage a design firm, too.

Getting your Messaging in Front of Your Target Candidates

We can help you get the word out! We create sourcing and social media strategies that attract your target candidates and offer public sourcing workshops and custom, onsite training workshops to teach your recruiters how to maximize your messaging.

Here's What You Get

  • Job Ads that sell and speak to what's in it for them, not just a general company overview followed by responsibilities, requirements, and legalease
  • LinkedIn and social media content that your recruiters and hiring managers can leverage
  • New career site content, including testimonials, why work here, unique selling points, and more
  • Recruiter and HIring Manager selling guides
  • Detailed strategies to engage your talent online and in the communities you recruit from

We help companies develop compelling, custom career site content, from job postings that draw you in, to candidate process FAQs, to “why work here?” content that speaks to each of your target candidate profiles.

Content Development

We have surveyed and led focus groups with candidates who have told us exactly what they want and need to find when they arrive at a company’s careers website. We can help you identify the content you need, and create custom content that outlines what you do, the job opportunities you offer, why people choose your company, testimonials, application process information, and more. All of our content is customized to your goals, your process, your culture, and your budget.

Custom Micro Career Site Development

We partner with recruiting and HR leaders to design and deploy custom micro career sites that speak directly to your target candidate profiles. These micro sites serve as a platform for you to attract, engage and recruit passive and active candidates who want more than what’s typically offered on a stock-photo filled, corporate PR written company career site.

Project Management

Getting a new or updated career site launched takes a lot of coordination and project management. IT, PR, Marketing, Legal, HR, Recruiting, and Investor Relations may all be involved with decisions about what kind of content goes live onto your site. We have experience successfully navigating corporate careers site designs, and can help you get your site launched on time and on budget.

Here's What You Get

  • Real world testimonials that speak to your target candidate motivators
  • FAQs to help set candidate expectations
  • Specialized content for specialized jobs, like software engineers, sales people, recent grads, customer service reps, and corporate functions
  • Project management assistance to get your updated career site launched
  • Competitive benchmarking to show how your site and its messages compare to your top talent competitors

What Our Clients Say

  • I received an expensive proposal from a recruitment ad agency that, frankly, contained deliverables that didn't align to our primary goal of competing against better-resourced companies. Recruiting Toolbox came in and worked with my team and our execs to deliver just what we needed.
    VP HR, Marchex
  • He brought real world recruiting and branding expertise and great facilitation skills that helped him earn the trust of our business leaders and deliver great results. I highly recommend Recruiting Toolbox.
    Global Head of HR, Zumiez
  • We needed to identify and articulate our recruitment messaging in the competitive market for real estate agents. He was strategic, creative and detail-oriented, bringing an excellent outside business perspective to a complex problem. He proactively kept the project moving with a sense of humor that made the entire process both efficient and painless. He is a true professional with a very strong work ethic that drives results and delivers superior client service.
    VP Marketing, Coldwell Banker Bain

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