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I don’t need a better documented process with swim lanes. I need to actually improve my process so that I hire the right talent with the resources I have.

We can help!  We approach process as a means to an end.  Great recruitment processes should make it easier – not harder – for your recruiters, coordinators, hiring managers, and interviewers to find and select the best talent.  We want your recruiters, in particular, to both follow a great process, and also lead the hiring teams around a great process.  And great processes don’t happen by accident. Combined with great tools, they can be a real differentiator as you work to attract and hire top talent.

We leverage our experiences building and deploying new recruitment processes to help you build and drive adoption for the process that’s right for your organization, your model, and your culture.  All with a focus on productivity and effectiveness.

We help improve the productivity of recruiters by building and deploying the right processes for your organization.

Process Optimization

We help you optimize your end-to-end recruiting process, with a focus on recruiter productivity.  We review your process and compare it to your goals and industry best practices, and then help eliminate extra or low-value-add steps, or introduce tools and process changes that will make your existing workflow faster.  We'll look at your entire process, from planning to requisition approvals, through sourcing and interviewing to the selection decision, and from offer approvals through offer acceptance and on-boarding.  We'll review your process from every angle - paper forms, emails, ATS steps, in person meetings, calls, escalation points, etc. 

Here's What You Get

  • Custom assessment of your process, with real world recommendations
  • Clear responsibility chart and process workflow
  • Detailed Service Level Agreement standards
  • Escalation Path Process
  • Tools and Guides to help drive adoption to the process changes
  • An implementation and change management plan

We also design and deliver custom training to help your teams leverage best practices to source, interview, and close top talent.

We build custom, editable tools and templates to help your recruiting and hiring teams attract, source, screen, interview, sell, close, and on-board top talent.

For Recruiting Leaders

We’ve created custom, editable, practical tools and templates to help recruiting leaders plan, design strategies, and communicate results. We have expertise designing custom templates that have been vetted by recruiting leaders across industries, including hiring plans, department-level sourcing strategy documents, recruiting activity worksheets, business reports, and recruiter scorecards.

For Recruiters and HR Representatives

We’ve helped recruiters increase their productivity by leveraging custom built tools that help them explain the process and timelines to hiring managers, build and communicate req-level recruiting and assessment strategies, source leads and candidates, screen candidates, and capture information needed to close a candidate. We also offer tools to help Recruiters maximize their investment in social media recruitment.

For Hiring Managers and Interviewers

Our hiring manager and interviewer tools have been leveraged by thousands of people across the world. We can build custom templates to help your hiring manager define their hiring criteria, solicit leads and referrals (internal, and externally via Linkedin, Facebook, and other social media sites), assign focus areas to interviewers, phone screen and interview candidates, check references, and make final hiring decisions based on legally defensible hiring criteria. We organize and customize all of these tools, along with process and how-to information, in our Hiring Manager’s Toolkit product.

Here's What You Get

  • Hiring plan and strategy templates
  • Responsibility charts and timeline expectation setting docs
  • Service Level Agreement email templates
  • Req strategy meeting templates
  • Screening, interviewing, and reference check guides
  • Candidate closing worksheets
  • Recruiter scorecards

We help organizations assess their recruiting team performance, their employer brand and candidate perceptions, and the effectiveness of their strategies and processes.

Assessing Recruiters

We have deep experience assessing the practices, focus, and performance of recruiting teams. We leverage focus groups and surveys to capture critical data about the way your team recruits, engages with colleagues, and manages hiring manager relationships. We can help you to identify skill gaps, credibility issues, and – on the positive side – best practices and behaviors that you want to reward and reinforce. We utilize in person and over the phone facilitated focus groups and online surveys to capture more objective, third party qualitative and quantitative data for you.

Assessing Hiring Manager Experience, Needs and Performance (Voice of the Customer)

We have surveyed and facilitated focus groups with over a thousand hiring managers over the years. If you’re trying to better understand where hiring manager frustration is coming from – and learn whether or not it’s justified or based on just a few isolated incidents – or identify whether or not your hiring managers are leveraging the process, tools, and approaches your organization needs, we can help. We have experience capturing real-world feedback and quantitative feedback through professionally facilitated focus groups and surveys. We can help you benchmark hiring manager experience, uncover the “why” behind hiring manager feedback, interpret and act upon the feedback received, and share the results with your team and the business in a way that’s constructive.

Assessing Candidate Experience (Voice of the Customer)

We have surveyed over a thousand candidates over the years, and know how to create valid questionnaires that get at the heart of your questions about employer perceptions, source of hire, interviewing experience, and overall process. We help you measure your candidate experience and interpret the results so that you can make the adjustments to your approach and process that will lead to a better reputation, more employee and candidate referrals, and a better candidate experience. If your company sells direct to consumers, it may also help improve your consumer brand; candidates are customers, too!

Note: Our consultants have been active members of the Candidate Experience Awards Council. Learn more at

Here's What You Get

  • An assessment of your recruiters and their practices, processes, and performance against internal and external benchmarks
  • An assessment of your Hiring Manager experience, including surveys, focus groups, and an analysis of your biggest opportunity areas
  • An assessment of your candidate experience through the lens of a candidate, including candidate surveys, focus groups with hires and declines, and an analysis of your process via secret shopping, email communication review, scheduling processes, and interviewing experience

What Our Clients Say

  • Delivered excellent results, knows what it means to be a practitioner, was respectful of our culture, pushed back when needed and provided coaching to help us when we went to implement the process changes.
    Director, Talent Management & Recruitment, REI
  • We engaged with Recruiting Toolbox in a recruitment process improvement initiative. I was very pleased with how quickly they were able to understand our complex organization and provide actionable insights and recommendations that will help us achieve our goals.
    VP Recruiting, Sodexo USA (winner, ERE Recruiting Department of the Year Award)
  • Recruiting Toolbox helped us merge five businesses' recruiting processes into one, coherent process for recruiters and hiring managers.
    Recruiting Leader, Philips Medical Systems

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