Corporate Recruiting Plan and Sourcing Strategies

I don’t need some consultant-speak “strategy document.”

Great, because that’s not what we build.  Here’s what we do.  We help you build your forecast and annual recruitment plan – the things you present to your boss or your CFO. We help you decide whether or not you have the right recruiting team organizational model – how many recruiters, what type of recruiters, organized by function or geography, adding sourcers, etc .  And we help you with your sourcing and interviewing strategies – how will you invest your limited budget and time in the right strategies to hit your hiring goals for the year?

We’re 100% focused on partnering with you to build the right recruitment strategy for your budget, your industry, your target candidates, your culture, and your needs.  You’ll get actionable, ready-for-prime-time deliverables, not theoretical best practices.


“We help companies develop the strategies that make sense for them, and then — just as importantly — help them figure out the right way to deliver against those strategies in the real world.‘Looks Good on Paper’ strategies aren’t good enough.”

John Vlastelica, Recruiting Toolbox

We help organizations accurately predict their hiring needs and build the short- and long-term recruiting plans needed to achieve their recruiting goals.

Workforce Planning

We give you the tools and process to capture the right data from the business and identify the skill and talent gaps that exist in your organization. This is the most critical input for your recruiting strategies.

Recruiting Forecasts

We help you build detailed recruiting forecasts, including estimates for new growth and attrition, so that you can accurately predict the work needed to achieve your hiring goals.

Quarterly and Annual Recruiting Plans

We partner with you to build your recruiting plans, including total hires needed by time period and function, and total interviews and offers needed to hit the goals. These plans allow you to communicate the work and rationalize your strategies and resource needs.

Here's What You Get

  • Workforce planning model and process
  • Surveys and tools to help you collect hiring needs and predict turnover from the business
  • A written recruiting forecast and template for you to use going forward (you know, with pivot tables and stuff like that)
  • A tool to help you calculate the work that will go into your hiring goals, including ratios that help you predict how many interviews you'll need to conduct and a reality check to help you understand what it would take to hire X people in Y months
  • Written recruitment plans, backed up with numbers - not some roman column looking consultant vision/mission statement

We help organizations identify and implement the right recruiting team org structure and service delivery model.

Organizational Design

We help HR and recruiting leaders identify the right recruiting organizational model. Should we create a central sourcing team? Should the recruiters report into the HR Generalists? Should we outsource resume database mining so that our recruiters focus more on direct sourcing? We have expertise and real-world experience to help you understand the tradeoffs with different organizational models and find the right model for your short and long term needs.

Service Delivery Model and Roles

We help you identify the high value add touch points – between your team and the business, between your team and candidates, and within your team – and build a service delivery model that optimizes your limited resources and maximizes your ability to deliver recruiting successes. We have expertise translating your goals into the right roles, building recruiter scorecards that define success for different roles, addressing painful hand-off issues within HR and recruiting teams, and working through change management issues as you implement a new model.

Here's What You Get

  • An assessment of your current organizational model - pros and cons compared to your goals and industry best practices
  • Detailed recommendations and a pitch deck to help you select and "sell" the right model to your boss and your team
  • Change management assistance to help you predict the barriers you'll face when you go to roll out the new model, plus tools and communication templates to help you drive buy in
  • Detailed recruiting team scorecards that help define success for people as they move into their newly scoped roles
  • Clear responsibility charts that show who's doing what, by when, and where the dependencies and escalation points reside

We help organizations build real-world, best practice recruiting strategies to help them attract, source, assess, sell, and close the talent they need.

Sourcing Strategies

We help you identify the right, high ROI sources for the mix of jobs you need to hire. We assess the effectiveness of your existing sources, identify the sources and channels that will generate the right hires, and teach you how to maximize each source. We bring a heavy analytical, real world, pragmatic orientation to sourcing that leverages the tried-and-true and up-and-coming sources. We have expertise in employee referrals, college recruiting, social media / networking (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, etc.), job boards and advertising, events, targeted direct-sourcing, and many other sources.

Assessment Strategies

We help you build the right candidate assessment process and strategies so that you filter in the best people, maximize your hiring team’s limited time, leverage best practice interviewing techniques, and create a fantastic candidate experience. We have expertise in recruiter screening, behavioral and situational interviewing, core competency and hiring criteria development, assessment tools and tests, and interviewing process. And we know how to engage the business to drive improvements to the way you interview, and help you raise the bar on talent.

Closing Strategies

We help your organization improve its offer-to-hire ratio through effective selling and closing strategies designed to hire top talent. We have expertise in pre-closing, hiring manager and recruiter selling best practices, candidate marketing materials, and tools to help you speak directly to core and individual candidate motivators.

Here's What You Get

  • An assessment of your sourcing strategies, with real world recommendations (plan, budget, ROI, specific best practices, recommended vendors and tools) that are tailored to your geographies, industry, target candidates, competitor practices, and sourcing challenges
  • An assessment of your interviewing and selling practices, with real world recommendations designed to help you improve the quality of talent you select and hire
  • Training, tools and workshops for recruiters, HR, hiring managers, and interviewers to help this investment translate into better, faster hires
  • Change management consulting to help drive adoption to new strategies
  • We also design and deliver custom training to help your teams source, interview, and close top talent.

We help organizations identify the right recruiting metrics, capture the data they need to measure their progress and success, and deliver the kind of reports HR leaders and the business need.

Leveraging Metrics

We bring a deep, analytical, real world orientation to recruiting metrics. While it’s true that you could measure over 50 different recruiting metrics, do you really need to measure everything? What are the critical measures you need in place to effectively lead recruiting and communicate progress to the business? And does the business even care about most of the recruiting metrics that are touted as best practice? We help you identify and implement the right recruiting metrics for your organization and – most importantly – understand how to use the metrics to make key decisions around your strategies, your brand and online presence, your team’s performance, new investments, and the effectiveness of your processes.

Capturing Data

We help you identify realistic data sources – the inputs – for each of your metrics. While it may be interesting to capture certain data, we may learn that the effort required to accurately capture the data far exceeds the value you’d get from using the data. And we may learn that your ATS isn’t reporting the data you thought it was reporting, requiring you to adjust the way your team uses the ATS or find an alternative way to capture the data you need. Regardless, we get “garbage in, garbage out” and help you to find the right data sources, whether it’s from your ATS, your Candidate Relationship Management System, surveys, your Google Analytics dashboard, or (unfortunately) manual tracking via Excel.


We help you to identify the type of reports you need to generate to effectively demonstrate progress against your goals, teach you how to interpret and leverage those reports, and show you how to communicate your results to the business in a way that positions you as a leader.


We help you identify benchmarking sources and opportunities, ensuring that you understand how to make true apples-to-apples comparisons before using the benchmark findings publicly.

Here's What You Get

  • An assessment of what kind of metrics and information you - and the business leaders - need to make decisions and demonstrate successes and opportunity areas
  • Report templates that are reusable and designed to drive the right kind of conversations and decisions
  • Consulting help to interpret what your metrics mean, and how they compare to your internal benchmarks and relevant best practice benchmarks outside your company

We also design and deliver custom training to help your recruiting leaders identify and leverage the right metrics.

What Our Clients Say

  • We had another big consulting firm in here for a year, and they gave me this giant binder full of best practices. That's not what I needed. However, Recruiting Toolbox was a great partner to me. They helped me translate my high level goals into global strategies and plans that I could implement. They get the real world challenges I need to solve.
    Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, Talisman Energy
  • I would recommend Recruiting Toolbox without reservation to anyone who is looking to take their organization’s recruiting capabilities to the next level.
    Recruiting Director, Eddie Bauer
  • Phenomenal job of understanding our business challenges and requirements to build strategies and programs that are having a significant and immediate ROI.
    VP, WW Talent Acquisition, SuccessFactors

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