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I’ve got to figure out if this technology is going to work for us.

We help recruiting and HR leaders identify, select, implement, and deploy the right technology for their needs. Our team is made up of former corporate recruiting leaders who have led large scale system implementation projects across complex organizations.  We’ve had to make the business case to invest in new technologies, we’ve configured systems, we’ve driven adoption by reluctant users, and – to be totally honest – we’ve learned some lessons the hard way, including underestimating the amount of pre-work needed before you go live, underestimating the reluctance of recruiters to buy into the decision to actually change, and overestimating the kind of support and expertise we’ve received from our vendors, who typically have good people, but people who are not experts at recruiting process and leading change with recruiters and hiring managers.

Are you looking to get more from your investment in your CRM, like Avature, or your ATS or Talent Management System, like Jobvite, iCIMS, Taleo, or Brassring?

Bottom line: We know how to help firms like yours select and fully leverage the tools you need to source, recruit, track and hire the talent you need, in your unique culture, with your recruitment model, your complex, diverse organization, and your goals.

We help organizations identify their recruiting system needs, and project-manage the RFI or RFP and demo process to select the right system.

Identifying Your Recruiting System Needs
We have deep expertise helping organizations capture and evaluate their functional and usability needs from an Applicant Tracking, Talent Management, or Candidate Relationship Management System. We have worked in and helped organizations that have not realistically evaluated their needs, their process, or their user readiness for a new system, only to be left with a very expensive, poorly leveraged system.

Selecting the Right System

We help companies translate their functional and usability requirements – along with their budget and deployment constrains – into selection criteria that can be used to evaluate the 100s of ATS, TMS and CRM solutions that exist. We have expertise in product research, vendor selection (including RFIs, RFPs, and demonstration management), and pricing models that can help you get the right system purchased and deployed throughout your organization.

We've worked with systems like Oracle Taleo, Kenexa Brassring, iCIMS, SuccessFactors, Avature, and even home grown systems.

Here's What You Get

  • Executive business case development, demonstrating the ROI for this big investment
  • Detailed functional and usability requirements gathering, with a recommendation on priority features and real-world barriers you'd likely face
  • Short list of top solution providers tailored to your unique needs (we take zero commissions from vendors, so you know you get the recommendations that are right for you)
  • Expertly led demonstrations with top vendors
  • Final selection decision support, including working with key stakeholders to help you engage the right people and leverage the right criteria to make the right decision for you

We provide configuration and implementation support to ensure the system is deployed the right way to your recruiting and hiring manager teams.

Implementation and Configuration

Once you make the purchase decision, the real work begins. Customization, integration with other systems, configuration of roles, processes, screens, templates…all of this is incredibly detailed work that will make or break your implementation timeline, your budget, and – ultimately – user adoption. We have experience helping organizations think through key implementation and configuration decisions, and know how to partner with internal HR and IT resources to get systems implemented successfully. We can even help you to define, document and communicate your changed recruiting processes and build and deploy custom training and cheat sheets.

Here's What You Get

  • Pre-implementation process and configuration support, including helping you think through the downstream implications of your choices
  • Vendor partnership, to ensure you get what you were promised by the sales team and receive the support you need to hit your go-live date
  • An implementation and change management plan
  • Post-implementation communication and training support, including custom user guides and cheat sheets

We help organizations identify and evaluate technology and tools that help them source and screen candidates.

Sourcing Technology

We bring a very real-world, pragmatic orientation to our technology evaluations. As ex-corporate recruiting leaders, we’ve wasted $1,000s on technology that turned out to be too good to be true, or just not realistic for a busy corporate recruiting environment. We can help you identify and evaluate sourcing tools, from resume mining tools that spider the web to find you leads and candidates, to CRMs like Avature that enable better targeted marketing and portals, to new social media / networking tools that promise to connect you to thousands of passive candidates, to SEO tools like Jobs2Web. Of course, our work should be connected to your overall sourcing strategy. We can help with that, too.

Here's What You Get

  • A detailed assessment of your sourcing technology needs and specific recommendations on the kind of tools that will help you source better talent, faster, and - potentially - cheaper
  • Decision making support as you work to identify the right tool for your needs
  • Short listing, demonstration, and selection assistance
  • RFI, RFP, and pre- and post-implementation support to ensure your tech investment yields the kind of passive candidates you need

We build custom user guides and training to help organizations maximize their investments in recruiting systems and tools and drive better user adoption.

Real World User Guides

While your ATS, CRM or sourcing tool vendor may provide standard training, it’s likely not customized to your configuration, your screens, your user-roles, and your process. We have experience building simple but effective user guides and cheat sheets to help your users quickly and easily access the information they need to fully leverage your technology investment. We’ve created guides for everything from req approval processes to stack ranking candidates to creating custom candidate questionnaires to entering legal interview feedback and moving candidates to the next step in the process. We leverage real screen shots of your systems with detailed step-by-step, how-to information to help your recruiters and hiring managers recruit.

Custom Training – In Person, Train-the-trainer, or Virtual

We have expertise creating end user training for your recruiters, coordinators or assistants, and hiring managers. We can build and deliver traditional classroom training, build a custom train-the-trainer program that you can then deliver through your recruiting team to hiring managers, or create video-based or web-based training that can be accessed just-in-time by end users. Either way, our training is is customized to your process, your screenshots and configuration, and your goals for the training. Learn more about our training offerings.

Here's What You Get

  • Custom user guides and cheat sheets to help your recruiters and hiring managers fully leverage your big investment in recruiting technology
  • Process documentation to help users understand changes and critical steps
  • Training programs, custom built for your technology, process, and roles
  • A change management plan with user adoption best practices support

What Our Clients Say

  • Recruiting Toolbox did a great job when they helped us identify our requirements for a new ATS and then select select the right system for our unique environment.
    HR Director, Zumiez
  • An inspiring ability to work across all levels of an organization with humor and savvy. They were a great partner as we worked to upgrade our recruitment systems, ensuring that the right people were involved and that the implementation and deployment was a success.
    Recruiting Director, Infospace

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