Recruiting Industry Speaking Engagements

Our team speaks at U.S. and international industry conferences.

Our team is regularly invited to speak and/or play a conference chair/MC role at national and international industry conferences, including national SHRM conferences, regional Staffing Management Association conferences, ERE, SourceCon, Recruiting Trends, mRecruitingCamp, Australasian Talent Conference, Smart Resourcing UK, and iRecruit Europe.

What Conference Producers & Attendees Say

  • I work with a lot of speakers who have the sort of domain experience John has (talent acquisition experience at all levels, consulting with cutting edge clients, knows the space inside and out), but they rarely get the types of responses that we get after he has spoken. Commonly, attendees will tell me or write in their reviews that John was the best speaker we brought in for the event.
    Editor, SourceCon and Webinar Manager, ERE
  • Best presenter of the conference! Dynamic, engaging and funny. I could have spent all day in Carmen's session!
    Attendee, NHRMA 2013
  • What a kick-off John gave our Smart Resourcing 2013 conference in London! His blend of expert insight, focus on the local audience, and direct, funny delivery wowed our very demanding audience. For a recruiting/talent audience, John is really the ideal speaker. He's a practitioner-turned-consultant, and so fully understands and explores frontline needs. I give John an A+++, and most importantly, so did our audience!
    Event Manager, and Smart Resourcing
  • I've listened to Ben speak one-on-one, to a handful of people, to dozens, and hundreds. His wealth of knowledge is always well received and highly regarded.
  • His session filled up quickly and was one of the top attended breakout session with over 300 registrants. Survey results from those who participated in his workshop were very high and he was rated in the top 3 of all our breakouts this year. He averaged a 93% or 'excellent' rating from the participants. I would not hesitate to recommend John for future conferences.
    Conference Producer, Annual Human Resource Management Association Conference, Vancouver
  • Everyone is raving today about your presentation. Thank you Matt for everything you did to get to know Target and customize your presentation. It was a hit!
    Manager, SWAT Recruitment Team, Target
  • When John's in the mix for speaking, teaching, or leading a panel, it #willnotsuck.
    Recruiting Director, Marriott
  • Thank you sincerely Ben for your outstanding presentation on recruiting metrics. You were engaging, funny, informative and genuine. The feedback thus far has been superb and best of all you didn't disappoint my high expectations of presenters.
    Director, Human Resources Association of New York
  • John's approachability and smart/quick wit, combined with his great depth and breadth of knowledge of our profession made for an entertaining, educational, and memorable program that gave our attendees practical things they could put into action when they returned to their desks.
    President, SHRM Staffing Management Association of Seattle
  • Matt really did an amazing job as a speaker at recruitDC. Using just the right amounts of humor, education and cold hard facts, Matt was able to engage the audience and facilitate a very interactive session. Other organizations should get him on the docket!
    recruitDC Board Member
  • John is a very entertaining speaker who keynoted our 2013 Australasian Talent Conference in Sydney. He shares his experiences and interacts with the audience in a way that people learn and have a good time. I highly recommend him and enjoy his energy.
    Founder, Australasian Talent Conference
  • This is one of the best presentations I've seen in a long time. Loved the information and Ben's presentation style. Great information! One of the most informative webinars that I have attended recently.
    Recent Attendees of Webinar – Sourcing for Full-Life-Cycle Recruiters and HR Generalists
  • The thing that impressed me most about John was his ability to lead a discussion on a complicated topic and distill it down to something clear, meaningful, and true. John's work ethic, prep work, and dedication were all key to pulling off a great panel.
    Founder, Mobile Recruiting Camp Conference
  • This session totally changed the way I see recruitment. This was a great session; excellent speaker.
    Attendee of LinkedIn TalentConnect 2014


In addition to our Recruiting Labs public workshops for recruiters and recruiting leaders, you can hear us on webinars and find us at major industry events around the world.



We present sessions across many recruiting topics, including sourcing, recruiting leadership, hiring manager engagement, and general best practices. Below are sample presentation topics:

  • Hiring Managers as your Secret Weapon
  • How to create a culture of recruiting ownership
  • How to create a fantastic candidate experience that engages A-player talent
  • 5 Keys to Successful Recruiting Leadership
  • Lead or Be Led: How to Lead as a Recruiter
  • Lead and Influence with Recruitment Metrics
  • How to avoid the 10 biggest mistakes corporate recruiters make
  • Social Media Recruiting Best Practices
  • Sourcing Best Practices for Busy Full Cycle Recruiters
  • How to leverage marketing personas and pipelines to improve your sourcing effectiveness
  • From Recruiter to Marketer - How to leverage content, data, and employees to extend your reach and hire better talent, faster
  • How to interview and hire great corporate recruiters
  • How to drive user adoption and lead change when implementing a new system or process


Looking for a keynote presenter or speaker for your conference or corporate recruiting event?

Contact us to let us know more about your organization, your audience, your event date, your budget, and your agenda. We'd be happy to work with you to see if one of our speakers may be a good fit for your conference or event.

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