When will Recruiting Toolbox be ready
for in-person training again?

We pivoted to fully virtual training when COVID-19 hit.  As the world gets access to vaccines and travel returns, we’re thinking about what would need to happen to get us back to in-person training.  We want to be sure it’s safe, of course, for our team and your team.

Here’s what we’re thinking about before we commit to in-person training and travel:

  • Recruiting Toolbox Consultants will be open and available for travel two weeks after they have been fully vaccinated (28 days after if they received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). Proof of vaccination can be provided upon request.
  • In-person training participants should also have been vaccinated (and verified with a written statement from the Client). Training participants that have not been vaccinated or who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or who are currently in quarantine should not participate in any in-person training.
  • Classroom setup for in-person training will follow the CDC guidelines that are in place at the time of training delivery, including accommodating for mask-wearing and social distancing should that still be a part of the recommended guidelines.
  • Recruiting Toolbox will have a virtual delivery option available as a contingency plan should circumstances change during the course of the project and in-person training is no longer a viable option for dates selected for training delivery.
  • Recruiting Toolbox and the Client can reschedule in-person training or switch to a virtual option, if needed.  See your specific contract to understand any financial implications of a change from in-person to virtual, or vice versa. If in person training was confirmed, and travel was purchased and scheduled but cannot be completed, the Client will reimburse Recruiting Toolbox for any non-refundable travel expenses.

Please reach out to your consultant if you have additional questions or concerns.  This has been quite a journey, and we want to prioritize safety first for everyone involved.  Thank you.