Hiring Manager Selling Training

The world has changed.  With tools like LinkedIn and alumni networks, Hiring Managers are more connected directly to talent now than ever before, and smart organizations recognize that they can leverage their hiring teams to help them attract, engage, sell, and recruit candidates.  This workshop helps to turn your Hiring Managers into recruiting magnets (hence the name).  It gives hiring managers the skills and confidence they need to attract talent online, create better job ads, engage talent via email and in-person during events, and sell talent during interviews.

All of this leverages your unique Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and teaches managers how to play a bigger role in getting top talent onto their teams.  (This training really reinforces hiring manager ownership, which is the secret sauce to great recruiting! And it’s a great complement to interview training.)

What do we focus on?

This 4- or 6-hour workshop is 100% focused on helping your Hiring Managers improve their ability to engage and sell the hard-to-recruit top talent they seek. It's a fantastic complement to your interview training program.

  • How to uncover and speak to your target candidate’s motivators
  • How to improve your job postings and LinkedIn presence so that you attract high performers
  • How to expand your reach and presence within industry and geographic talent communities
  • How to create a compelling selling message before, during and after your interviewing process
  • How to be a wildly successful hiring manager


It’s tailored to your world

We work with you ahead of time to understand what kind of challenges you’re facing around selling talent, why Hiring Manager training is needed, and how we can help motivate managers to engage in the recruiting process effectively. We also schedule hiring manager focus group calls to learn – first hand – what hiring managers need from this workshop so that they leave with practical, actionable strategies and tactics.

It’s not preachy

Some Hiring Manager training comes off as preachy. You can just picture a well-intentioned facilitator shaking their finger at attendees, telling them how they need to change. This training is different. We set it up in a way that taps into every Hiring Manager’s need to be a good manager and leader and show them, in an objective, non-judgmental way, how they can be a great ambassador to the company and - by leveraging the lessons shared - personally improve the speed of the process and quality of candidates.

It’s practical

Our training doesn’t spend an hour telling them “why” being an effective hiring manager and hiring the right people is so important; they know that. It focuses on the “how,” and is loaded with tools and cheat sheets to make engaging and selling top talent easier.

Who Should Attend?

  • New and experienced Hiring Managers
  • Note: We also offer a custom interview training program that goes deeper into interviewing and selection.

We conduct focus group calls with your hiring managers before we design your training. This helps us to customize the content by learning more about the skill level of the managers who will attend and also learning to speak your “language”. It also helps your team get comfortable with us, our approach, and our expertise.

Who delivers the workshop?

Our workshop facilitators are former corporate recruiting leaders and recruiters who successfully engaged and leveraged hiring managers across all kinds of industries and geographies. And - through training like this and our interview training - we've helped thousands of hiring managers across the globe make a much bigger impact on the speed and quality of talent they hire.

Your hiring managers will know – right away – that our team has walked the talk.

Learn more about our team.

Do we get tools and templates?

Yes! We include templates that make hiring easier.

  • Customizable Job Posting Template
  • LinkedIn Profile Setup Guide
  • Custom Hiring Manager Selling Guide
  • Email outreach templates
  • Candidate Experience Checkslist

We include tools/templates with every workshop we deliver. These are designed to help the training “live on” after the workshop is over. We’re happy to incorporate your existing tools/templates with this training, too, as it can help you to drive adoption and make the workshop feel more integrated with your existing process.

After the training, hiring managers head back to their desks with easy-to-use tools to help them recruit better. This is not some theoretical workshop focused on the importance of hiring top talent; it’s all about the “how to.”

What do hiring managers say about this workshop?

Hiring Managers at big and small companies have learned how to be a better "recruiter" through our custom-built Selling workshops.

"I never thought about candidates coming to my LinkedIn profile to check me out before applying or interviewing. I have some serious work to do :) This workshop was great - loved the templates, especially the job posting and LinkedIn guide."

– Sr Manager, Zumiez

"Great tools and practical exercises to help lock in the concepts. I learned I always need to be networking."

– Sr Director, Greenpoint Technolgies

"I got a lot out of this. My expectations were low, but this was great. I liked the scenarios and role plays, as it made the workshop come to life for me."

– Engineering Leader, Marchex

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